Saturday, November, 25, 2006


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eric was really awesome today. he went to toys r us late and still got a wii. it’s pretty fun, though need for speed carbon is ridiculously hard to control. the wii mote takes a while to get use to.

meanwhile angela, siya, and i walked our butts off at queens centre, entering empty handed, coming out empty handed. i promise i am never shopping on BLACK friday anymore. it gives me headaches. lines snakes and people galore.

post thanksgiving: food is always good at the yungs. i have plenty to be thankful for. i should express gratitude everyday and not only on the day of thanks. lately ive been an obtuse, obnoxious, shape at home.


Sunday, November, 19, 2006

Good Will Hunting, Being a Fire, and Mr. Mayer

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Good Will Hunting was a pretty good movie. I must say I am a sucker for genius personas and “inspiring” type stories. Plus, Matt Damon starred.

I wish I was as wise and understanding as Robin Williams. Check out this mega loaded speech he gives in the movie:

Ellen DeGeneres is one of my favorite people out there. This is crazy burnt, I don’t know what she did to herself.

And this man is rocking my ears. I want to see him in guitar action!


Friday, November, 17, 2006

Ol’ Abe!

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first order of business, in us history yesterday, we were talking about ol’ abe lincoln. yes, the 16th president in the us of A, who interestingly enough, had a psychotic, mentally unstable, mind. check it:

“he was a sad looking man; his melancholy dripped from him as he walked…the perpetual look of sadness was his most prominent feature” -william herndon

“still he was the victim of terrible melancholy. he sought company and indulged in fun and hilarity without restraint, or stint as to time. still when by himself, he told me that he was so overcome with mental depression..” -robert wilson

vibrated an iron sting in my heart


mr lincoln: what a scary monkey face.

secondly, i jacked this off someone’s site, someone who would never happen to land his eyes on this puny blog. nevertheless, i took this pitch/tone deaf test, and i’m not tone deaf so woohoo. take it and  you might just learn that you are tone deaf…haha. i took it twice and the second time i did tons better.

thirdly, ITS FRIDAY!

Postscript: this suckers gonna be under my christmas tree


samsung nv 3

if i had money i’d upgrade to these two



the one downer is so SICK. the features are impeccable, totally delicious.

cheers to friday!

Monday, November, 13, 2006

Laredo, Texas

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National Geographic wrote about a little town in Laredo, Texas, nearby the border of Mexico. They have this annual Martha Washington Pageant which is extraordinarily lavish and extravagant. I found the above picture striking.

Home from Boston. Traveled with Emily and their family. Ate tons of fastfood. Yum, How did Morgan Spurlock do 90 consecutive meals? Went up to go see Tiffany’s Kamayan thing. It was pretty cool, especially the bamboo sticks slamming part. In the BU performance one of the girls almost got her legs sandwiched by the sticks.

I think it’s stupid how people get scared of ruining the innocence of children. They will never be innocent. Like fact 3 in “20 things you didn’t know about Seasame Street.” So what if they get scared, kids will have more things to be scared of. Finally, they dispelled the myth: Bert and Ernie aren’t gay.

Dreading this week. Bedtime stories please.

Wednesday, November, 8, 2006

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i know no one cares about God vs. science, but if you just happened to care and havent seen Time Magainzes cover, read the debate between francis collins, a christian geneticist, and dawkins, an athiest biologist (i forgot his first name). you cant read the whole article online but id gladly give free viewing pleasures, no charge. tell me what you think.

they reveal the best inventions of 2006 too, i hope my christmas gifts contain things from that list.   

and the democrats sweep the house, i think the senate too. i know bush isnt the best president ever, hardly, but the things he the social issues he believes in are critical and important. rumsfeld steps down too, about time dude.

i posted this awesome scarf somewhere else before but LOOK AT THIS THING AGAIN!

Hoboken Patchwork Scarf - Leather Heather/Angel Blue/Orange accessories Original Penguin Clothing

i missed my daily dose of wentworth miller last last week, but fox streams their episodes WITHOUT commercials, except a stupid burger king one that lasts like 20 seconds. if you are a time management freak, watching these episodes days later SAVES YOU 20 MINUTES.

i have to admit, my wentworth didnt disappoint me this week, it was a superb episode that had me grabbing the carpet, ready to rip it off.  watch it and lets have a prison break discussion!

here to top off my day a video of wentworth and jimmy kimmel


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