Friday, November, 17, 2006

Ol’ Abe!

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first order of business, in us history yesterday, we were talking about ol’ abe lincoln. yes, the 16th president in the us of A, who interestingly enough, had a psychotic, mentally unstable, mind. check it:

“he was a sad looking man; his melancholy dripped from him as he walked…the perpetual look of sadness was his most prominent feature” -william herndon

“still he was the victim of terrible melancholy. he sought company and indulged in fun and hilarity without restraint, or stint as to time. still when by himself, he told me that he was so overcome with mental depression..” -robert wilson

vibrated an iron sting in my heart


mr lincoln: what a scary monkey face.

secondly, i jacked this off someone’s site, someone who would never happen to land his eyes on this puny blog. nevertheless, i took this pitch/tone deaf test, and i’m not tone deaf so woohoo. take it and  you might just learn that you are tone deaf…haha. i took it twice and the second time i did tons better.

thirdly, ITS FRIDAY!

Postscript: this suckers gonna be under my christmas tree


samsung nv 3

if i had money i’d upgrade to these two



the one downer is so SICK. the features are impeccable, totally delicious.

cheers to friday!


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  1. i heart wentworth
    my first son will be wentworth
    wentworth the fourth, just for the heck of it.
    and also to differentiate cuz i will marry wentworth miller the third
    jk hes all yours you had dibs. too bad you dont speak portuguese. jkjkjkjk
    you are amazing,
    the end

    Comment by giraffe — Saturday, December, 9, 2006 @ 3:47 am

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