Saturday, November, 25, 2006


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eric was really awesome today. he went to toys r us late and still got a wii. it’s pretty fun, though need for speed carbon is ridiculously hard to control. the wii mote takes a while to get use to.

meanwhile angela, siya, and i walked our butts off at queens centre, entering empty handed, coming out empty handed. i promise i am never shopping on BLACK friday anymore. it gives me headaches. lines snakes and people galore.

post thanksgiving: food is always good at the yungs. i have plenty to be thankful for. i should express gratitude everyday and not only on the day of thanks. lately ive been an obtuse, obnoxious, shape at home.


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  1. i’m not going shopping anymore .period. lol well props to good walking but that was completely pointless. we should have done something else but hey i got most of my vocabulary down. but please dont ask me (:

    glad your brother got that wii thing its almost like WWII if you see the resemblance. dont let it interfere with you or your brother’s school work, or else it’ll WWII youse guys grades. anyway i shouldnt be talking seeing as how i just wasted a bajillion hours watching a japanese drama. i finished and i cried and this is stupid. anyhoo happy day (:

    Comment by Alligator — Saturday, November, 25, 2006 @ 11:15 pm

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