Saturday, December, 23, 2006


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nbc sign at the nbc experience store


the orange m&ms


haha Siya got me boxer shorts from american eagle! i don’t normally wear ae but one of them reads “nice package” haha. i’m so gonna rock these. 🙂


by golly if you haven’t seen this movie yet, come watch it with me. i could seriously watch this over and over and over again because it’s so darn fabulous! one of my all time favorites. let’s go split our guts over this.

merry christmas! i won’t be home on the 25th because i’m heading into the poke-a-nose. what’s new, i’m always there. but i’m coming back on tuesday morn and if you wanna be with the awesome joyce lemme know cause i want to hang out with YOU.

merry christmas and most importantly, merry birthday mr. jesus.

i love this profound verse: “the virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him immanuel-which means god with us” matthew 1:23

please say merry christmas and not happy holidays because there’s not point in saying happy “holidays” if there isn’t christmas or hanukah or kwanzaa or whatever else.

jesus bless!


Wednesday, December, 20, 2006

more than useless

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emily and i at rockefeller on sunday to see the pretty tree. she was showing off her one hand camera skills. i say lets go at night! it’s even prettier then!


whoa, when i got this in the mail i was dumbstruck. in a good way of course. i didn’t expect Time to do that. in a way it’s kinda cheesy because it’s like “the person of the year” is YOU. OohOo. futhermore, in prior volumes, they asked previous “person[s] of the year” to nominate their candidate and none of them were YOU. maybe except the “American voter”, but still impeccably interesting choice, Times. read it american people.

speaking of reading, i got this as an early christmas present. thanks pj. i love history hehe. i finished Blink super fast just to stab my bookmark in this historical account. (Blink was unbelievably EYE opening and fascinating!) yes and i am considering becoming a historian. (the guy’s name is winik. looks like wink)


 things have been rough for me but Relient K has been pumping me with their lyrics and their rocking guitar licks. they are the best band ever.

i want to run away and ditch my life

cause all of my mistakes keep me awake at night

cause i know that i let you down

and i don’t want to deal with that

and i’m just scared so scared that i’ll fail you

resent it i spent it convincing myself that THE WORLD IS DOING FINE WITHOUT ME

Saturday, December, 16, 2006

I’m so excited to shower!

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these are cd stairs. i couldn’t stack anymore cause it was tipping like an iceberg.

oh goodness if you have not seen this yet, you 100% NEED to. it is SO RIDICULOUS. i was thinking about this today. it gave me the kick i desperately needed. be ready for a gut wretching experience.

look at this kid play pool! holy smokes, his railway thing is nuts. teach me teach me.


Eric found a Chia Homer somewhere for Joelmr. simpson with hair…Chris approving it with his thumb.


i haven’t used herbal essence in awhile so when my mum bought these home, LOOK AT IT! the bottle is so squeezable and holdable. doesn’t it make you want to shower and smell nice?

christmas shopping tomorrow with the one and the only. but before that, home game with lehman.

rock on!

Sunday, December, 10, 2006


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i expect to read the vows: do you mr. worthy (of joyce) promise to love ching chong for ever, or until she can dunk, whatver comes first”

giraffe always cracks me up! 🙂

angel tree soon. last minute preparations and i still have to make a bootleg nativity set. i hope those kids will feel warm and fuzzy tomorrow.


edit: i’m back from angel tree and it was a very down to earth thing. a sobering reminder that i’m lucky. i love to serve others. we ended up not using my ghetto nativity skit. thanks to those that helped.

 but afterwards GASP!

early merry christmas to me:


fulfilled. i cleaned my room after i came home because i felt guilty. no more birthday/christmas gifts until next year.

i’m going to be up all night. didn’t do homework, playing with my new toys. be jealous. delightful 🙂

Thursday, December, 7, 2006

Missing stuff

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i miss

doing dumb things in elementary with my partner in crime, movies with the only person i see movies with. and doing dumb things too, a northeasterner, my loser asian and white 74 crew, being good at one thing, shoes, being the boss of everyone, being content and satisfied, nap times, worryless, chatting until sunrise, busyless, whole, Christmas, window seats on an airplane, bike riding, reading leisure books, walking instead of pacing heavily, sleepful nights, clean cut plans, straightfoward questions/answers, and maybe even ignorance.

reminscing is a terribly nostalgic phenomenon. i miss that too. sigh.


sony mdr-nc50 headphones. MINE!

i posted this before but:




merry christmas

Friday, December, 1, 2006

Berceuse, Wentw$rth!

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I messed up.

ANYWAYS GOOD NEWS AND BAD! Which one should I reveal first?

Okay Good News: PRISON BREAK WAS AMAZA-ZING! Oh man, with every episode I want him to marry me even more! I COMMAND YOU TO WATCH IT.


Bad News…IT WAS SEASON FINALE…until January 22, farewell my lovely. Sigh.



just came home from a game. i made the bench super warm but i have to say my teammates are extraordinarily awesome. they have seen my frustration, broke my impregnable front, and have reached into the depths of my heart and yanked it out. still, they encourage and remind me to be confident. 🙂 mucho thanks to miranda moo and giraffe. and a shout out to everyone out there that has beared with me. thank God.

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