Friday, December, 1, 2006

Berceuse, Wentw$rth!

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I messed up.

ANYWAYS GOOD NEWS AND BAD! Which one should I reveal first?

Okay Good News: PRISON BREAK WAS AMAZA-ZING! Oh man, with every episode I want him to marry me even more! I COMMAND YOU TO WATCH IT.


Bad News…IT WAS SEASON FINALE…until January 22, farewell my lovely. Sigh.



just came home from a game. i made the bench super warm but i have to say my teammates are extraordinarily awesome. they have seen my frustration, broke my impregnable front, and have reached into the depths of my heart and yanked it out. still, they encourage and remind me to be confident. 🙂 mucho thanks to miranda moo and giraffe. and a shout out to everyone out there that has beared with me. thank God.

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  1. (: good thing you didnt cry up there. i probably would have. but then again who cares what i would have done 🙂 lol
    hope you had fun

    Comment by Alligator — Friday, December, 1, 2006 @ 2:26 am

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