Wednesday, December, 20, 2006

more than useless

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emily and i at rockefeller on sunday to see the pretty tree. she was showing off her one hand camera skills. i say lets go at night! it’s even prettier then!


whoa, when i got this in the mail i was dumbstruck. in a good way of course. i didn’t expect Time to do that. in a way it’s kinda cheesy because it’s like “the person of the year” is YOU. OohOo. futhermore, in prior volumes, they asked previous “person[s] of the year” to nominate their candidate and none of them were YOU. maybe except the “American voter”, but still impeccably interesting choice, Times. read it american people.

speaking of reading, i got this as an early christmas present. thanks pj. i love history hehe. i finished Blink super fast just to stab my bookmark in this historical account. (Blink was unbelievably EYE opening and fascinating!) yes and i am considering becoming a historian. (the guy’s name is winik. looks like wink)


 things have been rough for me but Relient K has been pumping me with their lyrics and their rocking guitar licks. they are the best band ever.

i want to run away and ditch my life

cause all of my mistakes keep me awake at night

cause i know that i let you down

and i don’t want to deal with that

and i’m just scared so scared that i’ll fail you

resent it i spent it convincing myself that THE WORLD IS DOING FINE WITHOUT ME


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