Monday, January, 1, 2007


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wordpress can’t fit the whole word on the title so here it is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

back from the Poconos and here are some footage. there are funnier ones but you have to ask me for them. overall, i’m glad i went because it was a retreat from the bustling city.

this is a tour of the house and random gibberish exchanged between angela and i and how she gets dizzy staring at steep stairs and the sky.

angela demonstrating how to make a “mansion bed” as opposed to my cool unmade bed. mine’s still cooler. 😛 

guys, yes, girls do strange things like “stalk” pretty guys. or maybe it was just us. haha. it was amusing and he, Pablo, totally didn’t speak english well. 😉

afterwards giraffe showed me this wicked videos. you have to see for your own bulging eyes!

Honda COG. no longer in existence because i can’t link it to the actual car except this amazing commercial. it took them 606 tries to get this working. 😯 when i googled this, i only found millions of this advertisment but not the car. the ad got more attention than the car itself. the car is okay looking, a hybrid of a minivan/mini SUV. they only sell cool cars in england. sigh.

my dad bought me a “States” learning book. i’m gonna learn all 50 states, capitals, and miscellaneous nothing. i love that.

i made a lovely a collage of the day at Bryant Park watching the two Angelas, Siya, and little Siya ice skate. Sadly it won’t ever be published because i don’t have the necessary program to convert a photomix into a jpeg file. anyone want to lend a hand?

i will be posting videos on the charmin bathrooms soon. it was a clean experience, totally worth the almost hour wait to use the potty. that same day my mum and eric and i saw ryan seacrest on top of the hard rock cafe at times square. people are so dumb, congesting the pedestrain walkway for a not very funny host. but if it was you know who! i would’ve screamed and cried and stood there all day and night like a freakin potato.

how the grinch stole christmas was okay, but i really really really so very really want to see mary poppins. sold out until january 10.

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosises is the longest word ever.


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