Tuesday, March, 13, 2007

Multichromatic colors

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Tiffany! got me lots of fun stuff!


It’s hanging over my bed now 😛

You must listen to Five Scores and Seven Years Ago. I promise it’ll make your life much happier.



More stuff from Tiffany! The “It’s A Magical World” was from Eric. And LOOK:


It’s unclear because some are hidden but I have most of the Calvin and Hobbes comic books.

I’m a big fat liar and I can only see things on the surface. But it’s all rotten inside.
Loads of exams coming my way. I need to choose all my classes by the end of this week.


Sunday, March, 11, 2007


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Pre-SAT day. I wish I could say I’m completely confident that I’d do well or even confident that I’d be alright after the test. I mean, after all, it will still be any other Saturday, Sunday will come along, and the week will progress. There is no time portal to hold time in itself. The above overcoat is part of Penguin’s Fall/Holiday line. It is first of all orange; second woven in plaid; and third, the interior is wicked. 1+2+3= me likes.

SAT is D-U-M-B. I’m not the first person to say those spiteful words. But I’m really blessed to have epiphanies this week or God given invitations for understanding “what really matters”. I’ve forgotten and I guess I needed something incredibly drastic to wake me up. I’m thankful for the ears and the pain seared on His heart. I admit the hurt didn’t catch my attention until I felt it ten times worse on my own heart. With God I Can.

beautiful Lord : awesome and mighty : I’m captured by this love I see : beautiful Lord : tender and holy : Your mercy brings me to my knees : it’s your mercy that has made me free : beautiful Lord

Sunday, March, 4, 2007

I’m loonie

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The Aviator will go on “My Favorite” list. It was superb! Go see it. It’s a bit lengthy clocking in 2:50:00. Leonardo DiCaprio was amazingly convincing portraying Howard Hughes’ incredibly eccentric life.

This book looks so good. I love reading about people’s geniuses. Maybe if I read and watch enough of them I might think like them. Good thought. Howard Hughes was a genius.

Who wants to trek with me to the MoMA to see Jeff Wall’s staged pictures?


Relient K‘s new album hits stores MARCH 6TH! They are going to be in Times Square, MTV’s TRL to kick it off. I hope I can allot some time to go there after school. I CAN’T WAIT! It’s a huge bummer that they are playing with Mae and Sherwood on March 9th at Nokia Theatre. How I wish I could go unless I’m willing to sacrifice my SAT for them…sigh, guess I have wait until Creationfest.






I made it through 5 boroughs in one day. Score!

How long will it take?

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