Sunday, March, 4, 2007

I’m loonie

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The Aviator will go on “My Favorite” list. It was superb! Go see it. It’s a bit lengthy clocking in 2:50:00. Leonardo DiCaprio was amazingly convincing portraying Howard Hughes’ incredibly eccentric life.

This book looks so good. I love reading about people’s geniuses. Maybe if I read and watch enough of them I might think like them. Good thought. Howard Hughes was a genius.

Who wants to trek with me to the MoMA to see Jeff Wall’s staged pictures?


Relient K‘s new album hits stores MARCH 6TH! They are going to be in Times Square, MTV’s TRL to kick it off. I hope I can allot some time to go there after school. I CAN’T WAIT! It’s a huge bummer that they are playing with Mae and Sherwood on March 9th at Nokia Theatre. How I wish I could go unless I’m willing to sacrifice my SAT for them…sigh, guess I have wait until Creationfest.






I made it through 5 boroughs in one day. Score!

How long will it take?

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  1. […] The movie was alright, but I am a sucker for movies that have characters who overcome difficulties and end up better than before. Plus this was inspired by Frank William Abagnale’s life. Leonardo Dicaprio is my secret favorite actor. I never say it aloud but I secretly like him. Is this his second movie portraying a real person? (The first being The Aviator) […]

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