Friday, April, 6, 2007

Be Real Yo

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Much to say. Spring Break right now. Not so much “spring” it’s freezing.

i’ll rewind back until Whole Foods grand opening. This one’s on East Houston and Bowery, right by the Chinatown YMCA. Angela and i trekked there on opening day and sampled everything we got our Chinese hands on. Hehe. We stayed for dinner as well and ran into some trouble at the Sushi bar, whatever. Check out this receipt, mad expensive yo:



But the food was delicious. i like supermarkets; they make me happy with their neatly stacked apples and oranges. Chocolate truffles and Turkish delights stared back at you behind clear, and i mean clear glass. They have people wash it like every 5 minutes.


Oh yeah! It was post SAT day! Good to forget things. i had a yummy time nevertheless.

i’m currently reading Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz . i know, i’m like two summers old.

Bethany Dillon’s new cd Waking Up debuted this past Tuesday. Heard good reviews.

To more current news, i just returned from a Boston/Rhode Island College Tour/Trip with Emily and her mum.


Brown University


Tufts University. Boy can you see the beautiful campus.


Northeastern University.

We stopped by Harvard and Boston University as well but i didn’t take any pictures because i didn’t. Harvard by far has the nicest campus only because it needs to be internationally marketable, viewed, and arguably, the most famous university known worldwide. No way am i applying there.



i accidentally bumped into a festival that was nearby Cooper Union at the end of March. i ran into this cube intentionally because Amazing Race had a clue box here awhile back and it was just cool. It’s by Astor Place. i don’t know what it’s significance is though.

i’m suppose to be doing “a lot” of stuff right. i had four essays to write over the break and i’m glad i knocked them all down before Boston. But i have APs to study for and right now i’m not in the mood to. i also have to read another chapter in the biology textbook. This thing has been my second Bible this year. SO MUCH STUFF STUFF STUFF. or WORK WORK. My first Bible has been totally true to me.

Okay, it’s Miranda Moo’s 17th Birthday tomorrow. i’m gonna give her an early wish. She’s gonna kill me if she sees this but she’s in motherland England right now enjoying herself. Stinky head. No, i’m kidding. You are a rocking pants not lying cow amazing biology buddy friend times basketball buddy friend!


😦 Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani, My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? “Good?” Friday


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  1. I LOVE YOU FOR PUTTING THIS PIC UP. hahahahahhaa that was a great day. and a great moment, even tho i had to run away right after it. i miss you guys so much
    and i love whole foods btw.
    and thats a great pic of the city
    miss you

    Comment by Giraffe — Wednesday, April, 11, 2007 @ 5:14 pm

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