Friday, April, 13, 2007


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Researchers at Leeds University claim they have found the formula for the PERFECT BACON SANDWICH. HMMM! my mouth is watering. Check this out: N = C + {fb(cm) · fb(tc)} + fb(Ts) + fc · ta. The variables are hilarious! It’s called a butty sandwich! Haha. courtesy New York Times

More depressing news for Seniors ’08, me included. This year had the lowest acceptance rates across the board for Ivy Leagues. Stanford had a 10.3% acceptance rate, Harvard 9%, the lowest in the nation Columbia-8.9%!! And that’s not the worse part, next year will be the peak year for lowest acceptance rates. Great! Researchers blame these statistics on the baby boom and copious amounts of applications. Read more here. Again thanks NY Times.

Ms. Chudnovsky was my Spanish and Global teacher for freshmen and sophomore year, respectively. She brags about her husband, Eugene Chudnovsky. So i googled him. Actually, Eric did first and then he told me to go check it out. Man, this guy’s got stuff under his belt. i don’t know, but over 140 articles published is quite a lot to write and he’s got 2 books. Not books but they cost over $40! He has a U.S. and international flying license too…why does Ms. Chudnovsky teach? He is also in a bunch of important sounding committees.


i’m gonna be sporting this exotic looking thing around. It’s pretty shiny 🙂 Thanks Pratima, if i put the shells close enough to my ears, i might hear Mexican water hehe.


Yummiest sushi alive. Due thanks. i’d eat them forever.

Tests are coming too soon, coming like trains ready to knock me down but i’m not ready to push them back like Spiderman.


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