Wednesday, June, 13, 2007

Knocked Up

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It’s been awhile since i posted something. But here goes a mountain full of joyceness. It’s gonna be mostly words because pictures take forever to load and my flickr account is dying unless i pay and upload to “pro.”

i was gonna post something from as long ago as Memorial Day weekend. It was Angela’s birthday and Pratima and i tried our darnest to keep it a secret. Evaluating our fbi-ness, i think we passed because Angela pretended not to be surprised when we stopped in front of Lombardi’s. Yummy pizza. Then we went to Ferrara’s to chow some desserts. Well Happy Birthday Angela! i hope you had a fanblastic time! 🙂 Saturday, Angela stalked me to the movie theatre and we watched Shrek 3. Totally not funny. i mean here and there, but i’m glad the movie was only an hour and half, seemed like eternity. But i guess it was good to go with someone who’d laugh anyways and we just laughed at how not funny the movie was. Then we hiked up 62 blocks (by subway of course!) to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to look at Greek PENISES! Boy, did she get a kick out of snapping pictures of penises. i, on the other hand, was there to complete a Greek project.

THEN, there was Canada. i had to go to Canada the following weekend. i left the country! for my cousin’s wedding. She married an English man, with a REAL accent yo! The wedding was sweet with a very laid back wedding ceremony preceding a fabulous dinner. The reception was hilarious and the food was the bestest ever! LIKE EVER! If anyone ever goes to Canada with me, I’VE GOT TO LUG YOU THERE. PEARL RESTAURANT IN DOWNTOWN TORONTO BY THE HABOUR! (haha harbour get it?) The food was so professional and artistic that i was scared to indulge. The service was great and i wished i could’ve tipped the waiters myself. The exchanged plates after every course and there were over ten courses. YUM TIMES INFINITY!

BUT, we were suppose to fly up to Canada. We, meaning my parents and Eric. But because of a nut (i’m not gonna say terrorist online cause it’s suspicious…) that wanted to sabotage whatever, sabotaged our flight and it got canceled. So that Friday evening at 11:45 PM, we boarded a 12 hour Greyhound bus ride to Toronto. We stepped on Canadian ground at about 10:30 Saturday morning with 4 hours until the wedding. Then at 5:45 AM Sunday morning we boarded another 12-hour Greyhound bus back to NYC. i still had a Greek final project to wing with Edward. i grew impatient and blew up a few times. It was a waste of precious time. We spent more time on the bus than in Canada. It was incredibly exhausting because it was impossible to sleep. We were awoken every 2 hours because there would be stops ever so often. And the night bus was mad shady…mad mad shady. And that night Edward didn’t get to leave until midnight and there i began my week.

And the week rolled by. A biology presentation which rocked the socks off of everyone, haha, just kidding, no, but for real though, Miranda and i rocked some socks. And i had a freakin math final that almost took the life out of me. i have more pig dissection videos to post but i don’t think i’ll ever get the chance to post them cause i’m lazy. i guess the highlight would be Brooklyn/Queens Day which magically included Bronx. Angela and i went to go see Knocked Up. This sucker is going under my “All Time Favorite Movie” list. We basically cracked our sides. Seth Rogen (whoa i didn’t know he was in Shrek 3 too) was amazing and Katherine Heigl, from Grey’s Anatomy were a fantastic couple. There were so many jokes that i could watch it over and over again and i would never be able to catch all of them. It was funny after funny after funny. GO SEE IT!

Saturday was intense. i had a PALM training session. This was the first time i saw Emily for about two weeks. It was a long day and afterwards Emily and i trekked to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. It was a bit confusing and it just felt like Gore Verbinski tried to put too much in such a short frame. Johnny Depp was flaming and Keira Knightley wasn’t bad. i like her. It was a long long movie spanning three hours. So Emily and i wandered to her apartment around 11:30 at night. We pitstopped at Duane Reade to buy, things, and a pint of Haagen Dazs Mango Sorbet, which we spooned when we got back to her apartment. She also whooped me at Mario Kart. We walked to church the following day.

So yeah, lots happening and loads more to come….Emily is taking her English Regents tomorrow and i’ve got two next week, the U.S. History and Physics exams. Creationfest in two weeks and just hang out day after hang out day. i like my friends. But i read something from Audrey’s site that reminded me of what i’m really suppose to be doing and how far i’ve gone off track. i’ve got to get my act together and examine myself. My mum has been yamming me with my bad behavior and talking backness. i’ve been complainy and whiny too. And with people in general too, i’m having difficulty balancing friends and family and family with friends and God and myself. i hate shortchanging people. i hate letting people down.


And, yeah, there’s no more school which equals “I”M A SENIOR” like real soon. 😦 Our locker won’t ever look like this ever again. i guess reminiscing, this past year was academically intense to the max but i’ve had great friends both new and old to cheer me on so i think high school has progressed. i think i might actually miss Bronx Science when i graduate next year.





  1. […] and talk in sea monkey language. This is the second pregnant movie I’ve watched this year (the first being Knocked Up). But it was a beautiful little movie.  Michael Cera played Paulie Bleecker, super dorky but cute. […]

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  2. hey i was just wondering how those yarn dolls are made ?
    i searched them on google, but it comea up with the traditional ones.


    Comment by Kate — Sunday, March, 9, 2008 @ 12:08 am

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