Friday, June, 22, 2007

Super Piggy

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So i think i’ve let everyone in this world know that if i could be a HERO, i wish i could teleport, kinda like what Hiro Nakamura can do, bend time and go anywhere in a split second. That would be the sweetest thing. But i’ve met another hero.

Meet Super Piggy:


i first saw this type of yarn doll at Anne’s place and she had two, a big one and a mini one on a key chain. Then Alisa linked me to Kimibashi and they are artisans who love Asian art. They make dolls like the one above, postcards, calendars, etc. Purdy Cool. They have very adorable things 🙂 By the way i finally finished the whole complete first season.

If you have never seen this clip, view and laugh: (Japanese people are so hilarious, Americans should do something like this)

Recently, i read this article in the N.Y. Times and it was called “As More Toys are Recalled, Trail Ends in China.” It just describes how China is responsible for about 60% of all recalls and that’s not entirely surprising since they basically manufacture 60-70% of all U.S. toys. But it’s so disturbing to read that China paints wooden trains with lead paint and fill toy eyeballs with kerosene. What the freak were they thinking??? ARE WE THAT MAD CHEAP?! It’s embarrassing. China can never been the best in the world if their quality sucks kerosene eyeballs. Honestly, efficiency has it’s limits.

CREATIONFEST IN 96 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait to mosh in the mosh pit. i wanna jump! and get dirty! BLACK FEET! MOSH MOSH MOSH!


i just completed this short read. It’s The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. It talks about how little tweaks here and there cause something, whether it be a fashion trends, smoking, or company functions, to rapidly peak and ultimately hit it’s “tipping point.” This explosive phenomenon is triggered by what seems like an insignificant change but really, it’s all that is necessary. Great stuff. i’m gonna remember “the lucky number 150.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ERIC!!!! You are 15 and 5 feet taller. You better wear those orange flames on your feet!

i’ve been taking driving lessons. My teacher is a guy name Robert. i learned how to left turn, right turn, pull over, u-turn, and parallel park. It’s fun. i need to keep reviewing and reviewing. My road test is scheduled for August 6th or 7th. In the future i want to visit Germany, just to drive on their “autobahns.” They have a “recommended” speed limit of 130 km/h or about 80 mph which means no speed limit. No one really obeys these laws. Only 30% of Germany’s highway system have speed limit signs. Most drivers hit over 100 mph to nearly 150 mph. Sweet! i’m gonna be a dangerous driver in the U.S.

Freed? Maybe. No more exams until September. Physics done. U.S. done. APs done. SATs not done. ACT not done. College Essays? Not done. Whatever. Infinity.

If you are reading this, just know this is just a “fun” blog that does not entirely reflect my life okay? i don’t mean to hurt you 😦


Maybe it’ll be this pretty. Maybe.


Acadia National Park, Maine. i’m going to drive there once i turn 18. For serious. Hop on if you need to get away. One of my must-visit-places on this Earth. i’m gonna take a carriage ride there.


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  1. It is unbelievable that companies will knowingly put the health of children at risk just to make money. Lovely photos and the end of the post by the way!

    Comment by wooden trains — Thursday, August, 26, 2010 @ 9:31 am

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