Tuesday, July, 3, 2007

Kicking Off Summer

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Hey July




Oh man, Leeland rocks. They gave an awesome concert and are absolutely beautiful!


Dinner. Frito scoops with good old fart beans.




He (Tim Skipper) is pretty up close. House of Heroes. Tiffany, Emily, Erica, and I got to meet them. They signed my Biblical Disaster shirt.


As always, Relient K shows up and plays a concert. This one wasn’t as amazing as previous ones but nonetheless refreshing to see them play live. Their bus caught on fire on their way out of Creation. They lost everything except themselves.


Bethany Dillon was great. She was the one who inspired me to pick up a guitar. She was too mature for the crowd.

Newsboys was good. i wanna hear them more.

Camping, porta-potties, dampness, humid, sweaty, dirty, ringing ears, and concerts.

Rest of the set found here.

Saw Ratatouille with Alisa. i love Pixar to death.

i hate college to death.

Be Quiet.

Tired as hell.

July 4th. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Leaving soon.

Ocean’s 13, Transformers, Evan Almighty, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (Imax maybe), Talk to Me, The Simpsons Movie, No Reservations (Abigail Breslin!), The Bourne Ultimatum, Rush Hour 3, Mr. Bean’s Holiday.

Mumbling, fumbling to wherever.



no one too lost for me to love
no one too low for me to serve


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