Thursday, August, 30, 2007


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I’m ENGAGED! I can’t wait to share with y’all about it… the shows I’ve been doing the past month have been pretty funny… people noticing SOMETHING on my finger… a ring, maybe? : )

OH! Ok… so I bet you’re wondering who it is! Well, for about ten months now, Shane Barnard and I have been seeing each other… as most of you know, I’ve been friends with that whole Shane & Shane crew for about four years…

Check out her journal page titled “All Smiles” SHANE BARNARD???!!! Man, how old is she? Well Congrats to her 🙂


Wednesday, August, 29, 2007

i don’t know if anyone cares about SAT scores but here

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The New York Times had an article out today about the general verbal and math score slightly lower than previous years. Here you go if you are interested:

The average score on the critical reading part of the SAT, which used to be known as the verbal test, was 502 out of a possible score of 800 — a decline of one point from last year, but also the lowest showing in reading in 13 years.

In math, the average score for the class of 2007 declined by three points, to 515. And the average score on the SAT writing test, which was introduced two years ago, was 494, a three-point drop.

502 in verbal and 515 in math…and people at Bronx Science complain about 700s in Math 2C? i complain about my score?

Black students on average scored 433 in critical reading and 429 in math; the averages for Puerto Rican students were 459 and 454; and those for white students were 527 and 534.

Oh yeah! The U.S. Open was fantastic. Put, Audrey, and i got to watch Maria Sharapova slaughter Roberta Vinci 6-0, 6-1 😦 and Andy Roddick struggle with seed 475 Justin Gimelstob 7-6 (8-6), 6-3, 6-3. Roddick stinks without his bazooka serve. i’d do it again!

Off to Maryland and some yummy crab cakes. Bon Voyage to everyone!

Tuesday, August, 28, 2007


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First and foremost. HAPPY REAL BIRTHDAY TO SIYA.



From left: me, Alisa, Angela, Siya, Chris, and Clara crashed her place today and had some sweet sweet stuff and our own ghetto karoake. Well, happy real one tomorrow. About time you turned 17. The pyramid and Alisa’s cake (okay, your’s was pretty good, i’ll admit, we are even) here. Had a great time just hanging around.

So lots of stuff been buzzing around. Saturday, Angela and i bought the cheapest movie tickets ever! For $5 we saw Superbad… and it wasn’t super great. Michael Cera was delightful but it was a bit too vulgar. Like really…dicks everywhere type humor. A total guy’s movie but there were some funny parts. Then her artist self helped me paint my room.



We also did some work at the Brooklyn AVP which was exciting and fun. i was a ball girl for the Mike Lambert/Stein Metzger vs. Scott Wong and Aaron Wacthtfogel match. Wong and Wachtfogel lost in the end to Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers. i also ball girled for Tyra Turner/Rachel Wachholder vs. Dianne DeNecochea/Barbara Fontana and Carrie Dodd/Tatiana Minello vs. Heather Lowe/Ashley Ivy. i’m definitely gonna do it again because it was amazing to see professional volleyball players jump and dig.

Then that night, it was the grad party.


Going to the U.S. Open tomorrow night with Audrey and Put!

Wednesday, August, 22, 2007

Its not your birthday anymore!

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Tuesday, August, 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to you!

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Happy Big Big Birthday to Emily! Hope you’ll be merry today 🙂




Wednesday, August, 15, 2007


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I FINISHED!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! i really liked this book! It made my work day loads funner and made me just happy 🙂 My favorite character of all is Severus Snape! Yeah, he’s great in film and in book. He has such fantastic characteristics and played his role so well. He was able to fool readers and Harry, himself. The best kept secret. J.K. Rowling knows how to satisfy her readers. She’s coming to New York on October 19th! Signing at Scholastic!

Check out wikipedia’s entry for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and read Rowling’s commentary and supplements.

This makes me really want to go to London!


We met Mae at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square. Yay! 🙂 From left to right: Mark, Dan, Tiffany, Zach, Rob, me, and Jacob. Jacob was really nice to me. Sweet!


Random: This was my cousin’s husband, David’s awesome DELICIOUS spare ribs. It was so good i ate 3! You have to try it to believe it! We had a family reunion on my mum’s side of the family on Sunday meaning everyone from my mum’s side of the family was present. It was nice having everyone around. Welcome Benjamin!


Angela and i visited Coney Island on Saturday. It was a sunny and awesome day to be out, wasn’t blazing hot or flippin cold. But we first went to the wrong part of Brooklyn cause the trains were running all stupidly. We ate super amounts of food. (Trust me that wasn’t all of that was in our tummies) We rode the swinging Wonder Wheel. But were too chicken to go on the Cyclone. i’ve never been to Astroland before so it was my first but definitely won’t be my last.


Not the best movie Brad Pitt was in…actually not good at all…corny to the max and shivery…

But it was SPECK-TACK-CULAR! And i got bitten by Dr. Acula! AHH!

Ever since working at Vertical Design, i’ve gotten opportunities to listen to Bethany Dillon a lot better and my gosh i love her stuff! Please lend an ear to listen.

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