Friday, August, 3, 2007


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i’m on page 180 Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix while i’m “working.” It’s fun. Jessica and i don’t have lives because we are sitting four feet away from each other and we are talking through gchat. It’s quite amusing. Currently i have nothing to do. Tonight, Emily and i will be watching Becoming Jane. i don’t know why i am in such a romantic state. ❗ ❓

i’m also using Pandora and right now Jessica wants to cry!!! all because Fergie’s G-l-a-m-o-r-ous is playing. That song reminds me of Arizona.

Jessica and i went to Osaka today for a “light” lunch which turned out to be nearly 18 pieces of sushi each and a tempura green tea ice cream. Totally delish! 😀  i tried my first raw anything and raw fish is really squishy and grandmum gums like. But it was good! Jessica had some fried shrimp in sushi and some Philly rolls. It was also my first time trying tempura ice cream.

Firsts Since Starting at Vertical Design Inc.

  • Depositing checks at Citibank
  • Buying 100 stamps
  • Running around city with 200 cold hard cash
  • Raw Fish
  • Green Tea Tempura Ice Cream
  • Photographing clothes to the maxed details
  • Having more than one colored paperclips (pasty blue, sour green, flaming red, hot pink, white out white, and dreary yellow)
  • Riding the elevator to the 18th floor by myself!

Come visit Jessica and me!

1412 Broadway Suite 1806 New York, NY 10018 (39th and Broadway)



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  1. […] in front of my work computer and i’m back from a three day break. i saw Becoming Jane and now Jane Austen is my hero alongside Mother Teresa. i saw that with Emily at the Angelika Film […]

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