Wednesday, August, 8, 2007

Another day!

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Great weather to go camping eh?


i’ve always wanted to work at Googleplex but i’m not nerdy enough. Look at all the cool stuff! Take that “Can you pass the Google test” and you’d be surprised by how generous Google is. No wonder Fortune ranked it the BEST COMPANY TO WORK FOR. They have 11 gourmet restaurants! Plenty of activities…billiard’s table, a not moving pool, wall climbing?! (Pratima!), and volleyball pits. Amazing!

No one’s at work 🙂 which might equal no work at all 🙂

By the way Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie was ehhh….call me up for lunch and we can talk all about it! i like talking about Harry Potter, but not the 7th book; i’m a tad bit tardy. Rupert Grint is a fantastic actor. i think we were all unanimous in making that statement. i liked Luna Lovegood for some reason. i think they casted her well. Always Fred and George Weasley were super cool but i wish they elaborated more on their joke shop. Professors Snape and McGonagall are probably the best professors in the movie, actually, Professor Umbridge wasn’t shabby. i think she played that mad annoying i-want-to-punch-you-really-bad woman well.  Professor Dumbly-dore SUCKS! Get fatter or build some muscles man!


i want to go to Hogwarts!


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  1. Oh yeah, Luna Lovegood played her character pretty well though I pictured her with dark hair, and didn’t she have glasses?

    That movie was a comedy.
    Why the heck is Dean Thomas so tall?!

    Comment by febie — Wednesday, August, 8, 2007 @ 8:55 pm

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