Tuesday, August, 28, 2007


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First and foremost. HAPPY REAL BIRTHDAY TO SIYA.



From left: me, Alisa, Angela, Siya, Chris, and Clara crashed her place today and had some sweet sweet stuff and our own ghetto karoake. Well, happy real one tomorrow. About time you turned 17. The pyramid and Alisa’s cake (okay, your’s was pretty good, i’ll admit, we are even) here. Had a great time just hanging around.

So lots of stuff been buzzing around. Saturday, Angela and i bought the cheapest movie tickets ever! For $5 we saw Superbad… and it wasn’t super great. Michael Cera was delightful but it was a bit too vulgar. Like really…dicks everywhere type humor. A total guy’s movie but there were some funny parts. Then her artist self helped me paint my room.



We also did some work at the Brooklyn AVP which was exciting and fun. i was a ball girl for the Mike Lambert/Stein Metzger vs. Scott Wong and Aaron Wacthtfogel match. Wong and Wachtfogel lost in the end to Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers. i also ball girled for Tyra Turner/Rachel Wachholder vs. Dianne DeNecochea/Barbara Fontana and Carrie Dodd/Tatiana Minello vs. Heather Lowe/Ashley Ivy. i’m definitely gonna do it again because it was amazing to see professional volleyball players jump and dig.

Then that night, it was the grad party.


Going to the U.S. Open tomorrow night with Audrey and Put!


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