Sunday, September, 30, 2007

yummy totally unnecessary STUFF

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Adidas Stan Smith Safety


Nike Rift


Olive Suede Birkenstock


i’ve had The Fold’s This Too Shall Pass for awhile now, but i actually started listening to it not too long ago and it’s amazing! Special bonus track featuring Matthew Thiessen, my favorite Relient K-er. (Whoa, The Fold has a new album called Secrets Keep You Sick!) They are touring with House of Heroes!!

Also, pick up a copy of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. It is a simple read but there are so many metaphors and symbols. He mixes in important themes of life into this short novel. Read it!

Later post on the Congo Run next week? Thank goodness Questbridge is DONE! Now Act 2 SATs.

Sabbath: cease. stop. rest. enjoy.

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done. Genesis 2.2-3


Saturday, September, 22, 2007

Freshmen Friday

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As Bronx Science‘s tradition we always have a Freshmen Friday or “Friendship Friday“, a euphemism my school uses to negate any negative connotations. So yesterday September 21 was Freshmen/Friendship Friday. Haha. The seniors wore many many different shirts and below are some pictures. Miranda tallied around 14? (more…)

Monday, September, 17, 2007

i forgot to make a title

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Run for Congo Women! Help raise awareness for the brutal aftermath of the Rwandan Genocide

What: A 5K Walk/Run to save Congo women and children. To let the world know there are crazy things like 1200 deaths each day going on in the Congo.

When: September 29, 2007, 8:30 AM

Where: Roosevelt Island

Join us 🙂 Let me know if you want to help out. Free food, free Crunch bags, and free stuff.

If not, support us financially by sponsoring a Congo woman or generously giving a flat donation.

ilovejimhalpert.jpg ilovejimhalpert1.jpg


i love Jim Halpert to death!

i missed Prison Break tonight but i think they are streaming it on fox so i’ll catch it tomorrow.

Sunday, September, 16, 2007

i spy a RED HEAD! AHHH!

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San Gennaro. Squishy people, awesome fatty food YUM!, smokey smelling hair, and EMILY! and her mum!

Do you see a red head??


i found one!


Wicked hair Emily! i should’ve posted this a long long time ago. Isn’t it pretty??

So she couldn’t stop singing about Prince Cornelius today. Haha, i didn’t mind. Watch out and prepare to sigh. So girly.

So um, she kinda almost gave this ungracious old lady a heart attack at Columbus Park when the volleyball she hit rolled behind the bench the old lady was sitting on. The old lady called me “chi seen.” Thanks Emily for taking responsibility for your actions 🙂 i kid.


Whoa…who’s that super hot chick with the striped hoodie?

Saturday, September, 15, 2007


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The title is suppose to be what Michael Scott says but i think i spelled it wrong.

Yeah, i haven’t updated in a long long while cause i’ve been super busy trying to write fun college essays. Plus my internet died on me on SAT registration day! Fantastic! But now i’m up and running and a lot has happened since i found out Bethany Dillon was engaged. (By the way, Shane Barnard, Dillon’s soon to be husband, is 32! 32! 32! 32!!!! WHAT THE HECK?!)


That was Maryland. That is the hugest crab cake ever! from G&M. Afterwards we went to this doll-like stereotypical suburb O.C. type mall. It was pretty to take pictures and we had a delicious crepe at “Crepes A Go-Go.” But this was Labor Day before school even started! School started already!

i’ve been reading a lot. More than i did during the summer. Actually when i was in Maryland, my uncle Tom had a good size library and i devoured books like a monster. i finished Freakonomics, which was incredibly fascinating because he applied economics to every day life and weird social situations. (Click the link and check out the neat cover; it’s clever)

i also read Tuesdays with Morrie. Oh by the way! i fulfilled one of my “want to go” places in Maryland-actually, Virginia. We went to Arlington Cemetery and saw the changing of guards and General Robert Lee’s house. Nothing like good old U.S. History 🙂 i read another book but i forgot what it was…ohhh i remember. It was Guns, Germs, Steel. i must say i did not 100% completely understand it but i got the gist of it and it’s amazingly interesting. The book tries to answer why certain civilizations like Western Europeans conquered the world instead of China, Aztecs, Incas, the Aboriginals of Australia, or the Bantus in Africa because they were thousands of years more advanced than the “white” people.

Okay to serious business. My ex-husband is returning this coming Monday. i’m quite livid with his actions but forgive Joyce. Forgive! Be sure to catch the season premiere of Prison Break, Monday, September 17 at 8:00 EST.

And! i can finally watch The Office on television like the rest of the world. SEPTEMBER 27TH! ONE HOUR! i finished Season 3 last night. The last four episodes were the best ever! The blooper reel was awesome. I LOVE JIM HALPERT. I LOVE HIS LONG LEGS AND BRILLIANT HEAD.


Cherry, Joanna, and i had a mini 74 reunion at Tea Shop 168. i think 168 has a Chinese number significance thing. This past week has been consumed with volleyball, which besides the aching thighs, was a stress reliever. i’m very thankful to be on a forgiving and patient team. Here’s our schedule, come visit.

The future of NYC Subway system. It’s such a paradox because the Manhattan stations look so modern but if you go to Main Street, it feels like crap. So there’s a new T line that runs down 2nd ave. (Miranda! There’ll be a new line by your house!) The 7 train will also be extended, not in Queens but to 34th street. When will they make a subway from Queens to Bronx? It’d so help out Bronx Science kids.

i want to go to a driving range and smack golf balls. It’s like my secret hobby.


Kentown, Doll Town wannabe Paris Hiltons. Kentown is a man made suburb community with a built in mall…insane huh?

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