Saturday, October, 13, 2007

Looking at a mirror

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i think i will begin this post this way. i am going to write so many words. prison break is over with. i can not watch it anymore. it is redundant. how many times can michael scofield break out of prison anyways? but lo and behold i found another show. and it is on NBC! the only show i do not watch on nbc is the amazing race which is on cbs. and the show is (drum roll please….durrrrrdurr) 30 ROCK! tina fey is my new found hero. (sorry mother teresa and jane austen) i watched the last few episodes of the first season and at first, it was not that funny. i did not catch the humor. but after awhile, the characters grew on me. they have out of this world personalities. not entirely believable but after awhile, their dumbness sticks, like phoebe, the nutty soon to be wife to jack donaghy. she can not shake hands because she has this fragile bone disease, much less have sex with her soon to be husband. liz lemon is an awesome name! and tracey’s character is just terrible but in a funny way.


so to real things. i was reading the book of judges, specifically about samson’s life. i have never actually read samson’s story before; i have only heard of it during sunday school. i read the part where he kills a lion with his bare hands by ripping apart the lion in half. then he goes back to retrieve honey from the lion’s stomach because bees infested the carcass. it was hard to believe that a bible character would have supernatural strength. samson reminds me of the hulk or ew superman. i guess it is true that the bible has many supernatural incidents (miracles) but for a human to have super strength himself is unusual. i also found out “delilah” is a biblical name because she was a philistine woman bribed by the philistine government to seduce samson into revealing his weakness. samson’s weakness was that if he shaved his hair and beard, his power would be lost. so devious delilah wanted her silver and shaved off samson’s hair while he was sleeping on her lap. ta-da! samson became weak and the philistines captured him. they wanted to enjoy watching his death so they put him in a gladiator type ring to humiliate him. his last plead to god was to have his powers back one last time to avenge himself. god granted him that prayer and he basically broke the coliseum by pushing the two central pillars in opposite directions. the coliseum came crumbling down.


UGLY! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT? every olympic’s logo is hideous…they look like thunderbolts that do not know where to go. emily and i are so going to london. if not next summer 2012 summer 🙂

i bought my mum a pair of brown crocs for her birthday. she’s the coolest mum ever!

and happy birthday dad!



  1. 30 Rock Oh Yes! such a funny show haha i need to catch up on the first season. I’ve been slacking off haha

    Comment by Will Chang — Saturday, October, 13, 2007 @ 3:58 pm

  2. It looks like the show “Zoom”‘s logo!

    Comment by qtjoel — Sunday, October, 21, 2007 @ 8:23 am

  3. no its not zoom’s logo. its lisa simpson giving head. haha get it? shes on the right bending down facing the guy. there is a whole group on facebook about it.

    Comment by Maddie — Monday, November, 30, 2009 @ 8:58 pm

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