Saturday, November, 24, 2007

Charmins back!

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Hello! Charmin’s toilets are back in Times Square. After last years super trip, i think i’ll be back using those toilets. 😀

i think i want to go see the Rockefeller Tree Lighting this year. November 28, 07 7:00pm to 9:00 pm. Too many people…hm, maybe it’s worth the trip. Care to join?


Extreme Room Makeover Part 2

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Yesterday, we went to Ikea to buy some cheap furniture. i don’t like Ikea for that reason. Their cheap furniture is made with cheap wood, cheap everything and it falls apart in a week. Nonetheless my mum randomly decided to spend money on a desk, a coat rack, and a drawer for me. While i was doing a massive cleanup ( i mean super massive) i unearthed some hilarious stuff.


i found an Arizona Ice Tea in my Kindergarten Winnie the Pooh Bag. i dared Eric to drink it.

Eric found a 007 badge that we made in 2000. He was the 007 agent and i was the “president” who authorized his position by signing it. Right now the badge is stored in Eric’s closet in a box that is too high to reach. We were really into the spy stuff when we were younger.


Goodbye old desk and old drawer. Look how cheap Ikea is, i ripped the bottom drawer with one mighty pull.


Mess Corner 1


Mess Corner 2


Garbage infestation on the sofa

After six hours of hard work:




Catharsis: A technique used to relieve tension and anxiety by bringing repressed feelings and fears to consciousness.

i like Swedish food. Ikea had free samples of orange marmalade and gooseberry jams. They also had free pear and apple sparkling ciders. And a hot dog at Ikea is $0.50!


Mario Party 8. Eric and i played one round last night. The mini games are okay so far. They are repetitive but i mean how much can you really do with just moving a remote? It’s too early to judge because we only unlocked like 5. The DS is more fun. The stylus allows a greater variety of games. We wanted Guitar Hero but guess what, they sold out.

HEROES. i think the sophomore slump is officially over. But we need writers to keep the show going 😐

Thursday, November, 22, 2007

Fire Chicken! and some Bad News Bears

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i can’t wait to sink my teeth into some turkey with cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!!!! i love pumpkin everything 🙂

Threadless is still selling awesome shirts for 10 buckaroos. Sale ends December 16 The shirts go out super fast! One. Two. Three.

Bad News Bears: My mum says in order to give me my insurance coverage for my car, i need a new wallet. My other wallet, a duck tape one, made by Tiffany is falling apart and my mum won’t trust it. So thanks to doobybrain’s informative wallet post, i’ve been looking at some by Poketo.



i think my mum would trust me if i was sporting one of these.

Also, i’ve been looking at some laptop sleeves. Hint hint! My gosh i’m hoping! i found one that was pretty but too pretty for me. Abbi New York’s “Angie” Sleeve.

Bad News Bears: It’s on sale for $63.20!


China Fun. Check out the previous post for Perri and Emilia’s awesome mandarin. They could speak it better than i can :D. i am gonna miss volleyball and peppering. Mango Tango Milkshake, Dragon Rolls, Green Tea ice cream, food and friends. What more can i ask? Ramo’s place will be doubly the fun. we ate, drank, and laughed.

Bad News Bears: Boston went like a blur. Drove up and came back the same day. Thanks Norman and Simon for letting me stay and driving me everywhere and paying haha… Tiffany is super fantastic. it was refreshing to see you and the dancing and singing was definitely a bonus. Good weekend!

Okay enjoy FIRE CHICKENS! Here’s a video on carving turkeys. i was watching just in case i need to carve turkeys in the future (highly unlikely)

Bad News Bears: And what’s with Pat Robertson? Supporting Rudy?? What!

Monday, November, 19, 2007


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i will update as soon as my workload diminishes. sorry. i will make posts about China Fun and Boston! Happy Birthday to Will C and Joyce Y, November 16 and 19 respectively.

Meanwhile you can sift through my flickr file to see what’s been happening. Too many tests!

i am reading The Golden Compass. i know…finally. What’s with the bashing? have we become ignorant?

Movie Trailer:

okay a bit of a spoiler. here was some fun at China Fun:

Emilia’s version of Avril Lavigne’s Chinese Girlfriend

How to speak Chinese illustrated by Perri

Sunday, November, 4, 2007

Pop Diner

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After the JFK tournament, Juliana, Joyce and I went to Pop Diner. It was a drop off spot and we spontaneously decided to eat there. It was surprisingly clean and refreshing!. The sign outside looks deceiving but inside is modern looking with a tinge of oldskool stuff like a jukebox at each “cart table.” The food was yummy so no regrets. Pop Diner is on Queens Boulevard and 51st Avenue.


The innards. The orange made me really cheerful 🙂 AND THEY HAVE FOAMY SOAP IN THEIR BATHROOMS!

joycesfood.jpg myfood2.jpg  julianasfood.jpg

Waffle fries makes me happy.


Only for Joyce.

OH  Juliana showed me her Bronx Science ID card. It was a so funny! She drew all over it! hahahah! Ask her to see it. Imagine if the cops asked her from some identification.

Congrats to Hunter HS for winning the JFK tournament. Nice going. I wish I watched them play Cardozo and winning too!

Stephanie’s own post, doesn’t she feel special?

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She didn’t fit with the Halloween post or the Pop Diner post that will soon be posted. But I just want to let the world know that Stephanie is officially 17 years old, if you did not already know from Facebook. So here’s Mini Me and the Korean food we ate to celebrate this happy occasion.



My order! Look at the delicious peppers. Flaming HAWT. It was noodle soup chop suey.


All of the boring people ordered the same thing. It looks like a mound of doodoo but it actually was good.


Joyce originally tricked me because the waiter gave me her order and I got so excited. But nope, got my hopes up.


Aw Stephanie, look at the people that showed up, especially Anastasiya who lived in Brooklyn. And those jumbo blue boxes? Well support the girls volleyball team and buy some “cookies” from us. Only $1! Save your lunch money and buy some 🙂

Okay onto serious news. Check out Poland Spring’s new design for their bottled water:


Hideous. Easier to dent and yucky to drink from.


The “New Eco-Shape” Bottle uses 30% less plastic but whatever, it’s not gonna save the world any time.

And happy birthday to metes.wordpress. It is the first year anniversary.

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