Sunday, November, 4, 2007

Stephanie’s own post, doesn’t she feel special?

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She didn’t fit with the Halloween post or the Pop Diner post that will soon be posted. But I just want to let the world know that Stephanie is officially 17 years old, if you did not already know from Facebook. So here’s Mini Me and the Korean food we ate to celebrate this happy occasion.



My order! Look at the delicious peppers. Flaming HAWT. It was noodle soup chop suey.


All of the boring people ordered the same thing. It looks like a mound of doodoo but it actually was good.


Joyce originally tricked me because the waiter gave me her order and I got so excited. But nope, got my hopes up.


Aw Stephanie, look at the people that showed up, especially Anastasiya who lived in Brooklyn. And those jumbo blue boxes? Well support the girls volleyball team and buy some “cookies” from us. Only $1! Save your lunch money and buy some 🙂

Okay onto serious news. Check out Poland Spring’s new design for their bottled water:


Hideous. Easier to dent and yucky to drink from.


The “New Eco-Shape” Bottle uses 30% less plastic but whatever, it’s not gonna save the world any time.

And happy birthday to metes.wordpress. It is the first year anniversary.


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