Thursday, November, 22, 2007

Fire Chicken! and some Bad News Bears

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i can’t wait to sink my teeth into some turkey with cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!!!! i love pumpkin everything 🙂

Threadless is still selling awesome shirts for 10 buckaroos. Sale ends December 16 The shirts go out super fast! One. Two. Three.

Bad News Bears: My mum says in order to give me my insurance coverage for my car, i need a new wallet. My other wallet, a duck tape one, made by Tiffany is falling apart and my mum won’t trust it. So thanks to doobybrain’s informative wallet post, i’ve been looking at some by Poketo.



i think my mum would trust me if i was sporting one of these.

Also, i’ve been looking at some laptop sleeves. Hint hint! My gosh i’m hoping! i found one that was pretty but too pretty for me. Abbi New York’s “Angie” Sleeve.

Bad News Bears: It’s on sale for $63.20!


China Fun. Check out the previous post for Perri and Emilia’s awesome mandarin. They could speak it better than i can :D. i am gonna miss volleyball and peppering. Mango Tango Milkshake, Dragon Rolls, Green Tea ice cream, food and friends. What more can i ask? Ramo’s place will be doubly the fun. we ate, drank, and laughed.

Bad News Bears: Boston went like a blur. Drove up and came back the same day. Thanks Norman and Simon for letting me stay and driving me everywhere and paying haha… Tiffany is super fantastic. it was refreshing to see you and the dancing and singing was definitely a bonus. Good weekend!

Okay enjoy FIRE CHICKENS! Here’s a video on carving turkeys. i was watching just in case i need to carve turkeys in the future (highly unlikely)

Bad News Bears: And what’s with Pat Robertson? Supporting Rudy?? What!



  1. lol those wallets are so rad.
    and that bag is mad funky lol

    Comment by el que — Thursday, November, 22, 2007 @ 3:17 pm

  2. the poketo wallets look nice, but they are a bit cheap in quality. its just thick paper wrapped in plastic.

    Comment by doobybrain — Thursday, November, 22, 2007 @ 6:05 pm

  3. Yeah what doobybrain said i was also into poketo they’re realllllllly cool looking but it seems as if you put anything more then 3 bills it will explode in half haha. I was so dissappointed when i saw the inside of one of the poketo wallets it’s just cheap stationery hello kitty plastic lol

    Comment by Will Chang — Monday, November, 26, 2007 @ 11:30 pm

  4. […] I still love pumpkin everything and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving this year. It gets better and better. “Oh my goodness, it’s another year” and nothing really changed. I still like what I like and I still do what I do but in different environments. […]

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