Saturday, November, 24, 2007

Extreme Room Makeover Part 2

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Yesterday, we went to Ikea to buy some cheap furniture. i don’t like Ikea for that reason. Their cheap furniture is made with cheap wood, cheap everything and it falls apart in a week. Nonetheless my mum randomly decided to spend money on a desk, a coat rack, and a drawer for me. While i was doing a massive cleanup ( i mean super massive) i unearthed some hilarious stuff.


i found an Arizona Ice Tea in my Kindergarten Winnie the Pooh Bag. i dared Eric to drink it.

Eric found a 007 badge that we made in 2000. He was the 007 agent and i was the “president” who authorized his position by signing it. Right now the badge is stored in Eric’s closet in a box that is too high to reach. We were really into the spy stuff when we were younger.


Goodbye old desk and old drawer. Look how cheap Ikea is, i ripped the bottom drawer with one mighty pull.


Mess Corner 1


Mess Corner 2


Garbage infestation on the sofa

After six hours of hard work:




Catharsis: A technique used to relieve tension and anxiety by bringing repressed feelings and fears to consciousness.

i like Swedish food. Ikea had free samples of orange marmalade and gooseberry jams. They also had free pear and apple sparkling ciders. And a hot dog at Ikea is $0.50!


Mario Party 8. Eric and i played one round last night. The mini games are okay so far. They are repetitive but i mean how much can you really do with just moving a remote? It’s too early to judge because we only unlocked like 5. The DS is more fun. The stylus allows a greater variety of games. We wanted Guitar Hero but guess what, they sold out.

HEROES. i think the sophomore slump is officially over. But we need writers to keep the show going 😐


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