Thursday, December, 6, 2007


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True story: waiting for the Rockefeller Tree lighting was not as delightful as i thought it would be. Angela and i stood for maybe 3 hours only to see a huge TV screen and people inside the NBC Rainbow Room look down at us with pity. We were like 50 feet away from the tree but still no tree. It’s alright, we met some Brazilian girls who entertained us and an obnoxious, self centered woman who told us to move back so she could move forward. We were jostled and concluded that we could not imagine how New Year’s people stand there in a sea of people. Nonetheless, we got to hang out together and i missed that. šŸ™‚



Limited Edition Tony Blair Squirrel Laptop Bag from Crumpler. ARGH, because it only fits 15” laptops! Lark! I thought of resorting to The Reginald Transfer in green but it doesn’t fit either! So maybe this one: Macbook Pro School Hymn
Timbuk2 has some laptop sleeves too but their colors aren’t that fascinating to look at. It’s cheaper though. I was thinking of getting a whole new bag instead but with my chunky machinery, I would have to purchase the biggest, baddest, most expensive bag around.

Still can snag some awesome threadless tees. You know you want some.

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