Thursday, December, 6, 2007

The Subtle Knife and Onion!

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I have officially finished The Golden Compass. With Natalie’s copy of The Subtle Knife (I like this spooky cover), I will continue on with Lyra on her quest to destroy Miss Coulter and Lord Asriel! Muahhaa!. Can’t wait 😀

Natalie was privileged enough to see a preview screening of The Golden Compass last week before anyone got to see it. She was unfortunately disappointed. 😦 No spoilers but I guess phenomenal books can never be replicated into motion picture. I’ll watch it anyways and I’ll share my thoughts on it after I’ve seen it. I think they correctly casted Nicole Kidman for Miss Coulter. Scary as heck. They tamed down the religion and gory fighting scenes though. Boo!

Boogers! Charles told me of the cheap His Dark Materials Box Set too late! At Barnes and Nobles, it’s only$14.17! I would’ve bought that set because I bought Our Dumb World: The Onion’s Atlas of the Planet Earth 73rd Edition yesterday. Man! I can’t wait to unpack the box with my atlas inside. The satire and the humor, I am going to wet my pants.



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  1. THE GOLDEN COMPASS! it better be worth it man.

    Comment by monsieur bovary — Friday, December, 7, 2007 @ 11:53 pm

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