Saturday, December, 8, 2007

Gift ideas for others, but if they don’t want it, I’d gladly take it

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Amazon’s Kindle.  $399.00 The future of reading. Say good bye to books. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos created this hand-held library. You can buy books with a click of a button and download them within a minute.  The plan is to have everything, from old manuscripts to New York Times Bestsellers available for purchase. So far only 88,000 books are on sale. What Bezos made is not entirely new; there have been past models such as the Sony Reader. But what makes the Kindle innovative is Whispernet, the wireless “bookstore.” You can also browse the web with it to read up on what you are already reading. Newsweek’s Steven Levy wrote a review of it.

Colorful Mice. To match with your outfit.

Vroom, vroom, I wish I was riding a Vespa GTV or LXV around Chinatown. Too bad my mum put a life suspension on me.

I think I will do this when I actually have to cook to survive. Kitchen hint 386: Washing my fruits and vegetables with a solution composed of one quarter vinegar and three quarters water. The vinegar helps wash off yucky pesticides and bacteria. Gee Ross!


The Eden Project, Cornwall, Southern England. Take me there and i’ll give you a life time supply of burritos and Mountain Dew.


OMIGOSH. PF FLYERS TOPSTRAP CENTER LO.  Absolutely gorgeous. $73.95 at Zappos.


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