Monday, December, 10, 2007


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Prayer is a dialogue with God. There are three parts involved:

Prophetic: Praying about who God is (Merciful, loving, redeeming, provider, etc)

Priestly: Who we are before God

Pastoral: Praying for what we need

PJ challenged us to pray without asking God anything. I have never done that before and reflecting back, my prayers are filled with ramblings. My careless lips would spit out thoughtless words. Why would God listen? Why would anyone listen? Who am I to barge in to God’s home and start talking about what I want, how, and when I will receive it? (Even if I say please) The order of those components are significant. First, acknowledging God’s attributes, then realizing who we are in relation to God, and finally, humbly seeking God to fulfill some need. God already knows what we need so there is no point in repeating it over and over again. God is not deaf. I have to be cautious in my prayers. They are not to be taken lightly and to be said when I am on my bed, nearly passed out. Wait, watch, and listen. Maybe then I’ll get it.


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  1. aw joyce that’s so inspirational! I actually stopped praying about three months ago. It was sporadic even then and I’d just ramble on before bed just to say I’d done it but you’re so right.

    what an interesting site mm..

    Comment by jellydonut — Friday, December, 14, 2007 @ 1:31 am

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