Monday, December, 24, 2007


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Has anyone heard of shopdropping?? It’s okay I didn’t know either. but it’s quite humorous. Shopdropping is the opposite of shoplifting; people put things into a store instead of stealing things out. I found this in today’s New York Times. The title of the article is Anarchists in the Aisles? Stores Provide A Stage.

“Otherwise known as reverse shoplifting, shopdropping involves surreptitiously putting things in stores, rather than illegally taking them out, and the motivations vary.

Anti-consumerist artists slip replica products packaged with political messages onto shelves while religious proselytizers insert pamphlets between the pages of gay-and-lesbian readings at book stores.

Can Christians be any more dumb? Seriously, this is so embarrassing. Get a life! Spread the Word in other ways.

“When better than Christmas to make a point about hyper-consumerism?” asked Mr. Jennings, 37, whose action figure comes with tiny accessories including a gas mask, bolt cutter, and two Molotov cocktails, and looks convincingly like any other doll on most toy-store shelves. Putting it in stores and filming people as they try to buy it as they interact with store clerks, Mr. Jennings said he hoped to show that even radical ideology gets commercialized. He said for safety reasons he retrieves the figures before customers take them home.

I don’t think this is dumb because Mr. Jennings’ has a good point about hyper-consumerism. I don’t see how putting anti-gay and lesbian notes will help in anyway. It’ll only make people hate Christians. Is shopdropping illegal though? Anti-consumerists aren’t the only ones taking advantage of shopdropping. In order to promote their music, indie bands are slapping their stickers in stores and putting their CDs on Starbuck CD racks.

Another interesting article I stumbled upon. Also from today’s New York Times, “Chinese Unveil Mammoth Arts Center” is about this new performing arts center located near Tiananmen Square. Paul Andreu is the French architect who designed this gigantic and somewhat of an eyesore building. The Chinese probably provided the cheap labor. An interesting thing is the location of this opera slash performing arts (ballet, orchestral) hall. The long forbidden world of arts is juxtaposed with this politically stifling area. I guess it’s a good thing but this is another example of China trying so hard to fit into the world of democracy even though they remain communistic. Quit pretending! One more thing, China has fantastic pianists to perform in this hall, but they do not have an outstanding ballet troupe. Their operas are like old fashion and in general, they lack performers. In fact, they have to hire New York and London Philharmonic to play there! WHY BUILD SUCH AN EXPENSIVE BUILDING?! 400 MILLION! Use the money to fix the ugly pollution problem or bridge the ever divided rich and poor gap.


Peter Parks/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images


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  1. I think shop dropping is awesome, only in the case that I can pick up a CD that is not mainstream from Walmart! Who would go to Walmart looking for one anyway? And not to sound ridiculous, but it’s a good way to advertise without cost. =P

    Comment by Nick — Wednesday, February, 18, 2009 @ 12:25 am

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