Tuesday, January, 15, 2008

MacBook Air

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The new MacBook Air. It’s super thin. See below. The world’s thinnest laptop. The 13 inch 1.6 GHz  costs $1,799.00. The 1.8 GHz costs $3,098.00. Compared to my 17 inch heavy-doesn’t fit anywhere laptop, this is something I’d love to have. However the price is :O, hair pulling.



As thin as air! Or rather, a manila envelope.

I am done with the major finals, Chemistry and Microeconomics. Today was the last part of the Microeconomics exam. I have English and Math on Wednesday and Friday, respectively. Afterwards, I am “free”. The beginning of being a second term senior. Call me to come play!

I have just registered to vote.  

Oh yeah. I have an urge to purchase a drum set. I don’t know too much about drum brands, so I wouldn’t know which one to buy.

But I know what guitar I’d buy.


Gibson Acoustic SJ-200 True Vintage


Gibson Acoustic Icon 60’s Hummingbird. I didn’t like the hummingbirds at first but after awhile it looks smooth and delicate. I think Bethany Dillon has a Hummingbird too but she owns one in brownish yellow.

I like the Gibson guitars. Simon and Andrew, guitarists from my church use them. They are fantastic to play with and I love the jumbo structure. Of course, they sound great too.



  1. i want the macbook air. you can play with it when i get it in the summer. 🙂

    Comment by doobybrain — Wednesday, January, 16, 2008 @ 2:52 am

  2. i’d stay away from the sj200’s until i’m really rich. it’s just toooo pretty and nice; i think if i bought it, i’d just put it in a glass case. the one’s like mine and andrew are a little more reasonable (but still relatively expensive) and you can feel comfortable playing them hard. sometimes if you look on ebay, they have limited edition sj’s that use a different kind of wood (forgot what kind) that’s usually a lot darker and supposedly sound more rich. those are cool too.

    Comment by mongchacha — Saturday, January, 19, 2008 @ 4:12 pm

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