Sunday, February, 24, 2008

Fei Fei is dead :(

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One of the few Hong Kong celebrities I know, “Fei Fei”, Hong Kong’s popular TV host/entertainer/movie star has passed away on Tuesday. Yeah, it’s five day old news but I didn’t find out until Friday when Eric broke the sad news.  She was 60 and suffered from liver cancer.

I remember her because my mum use to tell me that her daughter, also named Joyce, has the exact Chinese name as me “Yan yi.” When you say it in Chinese, it actually sounds like Yun Yee. I have no idea why Chinese names never look like the English version, ask Eric or Emily for theirs. Well, not only does her daughter have the almost exact name as I do, but I’ve seen Fei Fei on every game show possible. I always laughed at her commentaries.

My mum likes Fei Fei a lot too because she definitely wasn’t the skinniest female actress, yet she made it big.  Actually, come to think of it…maybe I was named after Fei Fei’s daughter. She’s 21 now. It’s probably one of many secrets my parents keep from me.


Friday, February, 22, 2008


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What is with this game that makes it so addictive? Thank you Chungs for letting us use your house for the craziest things. I will never order thin crusted pizza ever again. Pictures are on facebook.

By the way, Ethan Luck is the new Relient K drummer.  Eh…not thrilled because Dave Douglas is gone.

Aw 😦

Boston Again!

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This Winter break, Emily and I went to Boston to visit Tiffany! “Fun” is an understatement. None of these pictures completely show the madness that went on.  The above picture is of the First Church of Christ, Scientist. We went under its dome and looked at Mary Baker Eddy’s work. The whitewashed church is definitely grand both outside and inside.


Sorry Emily, this was the only picture with all three of us in one.


Lovely cookies. They resemble Flubber. Our diet consisted of cookies for breakfast, dinner, lunch, dessert, steak wraps (see below), Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza courtesy of Papa Johns (see below below), tea, PLANTAINS!, oatmeal, grits, and Northeastern dining hall food.


Things to do this summer: LEARN HOW TO COOK or rather learn how to not be hazardous in the kitchen. Josh inspired me to try to be self sustaining.


The pizza was delicious. That red cup changes colors. Amazing.

We were Nerts/Nertz crazy.

College sounds fun.


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Eat:  Province. Corner of Church and Walker street. 

The sandwiches are actually “mantous”. They put sesame seeds on top of the bun to make it look like a hamburger but it tastes good. On the side, a free bag of shrimp chips are provided. The quiet ambiance is welcoming. I will be back. They don’t open on Sundays, which is a total bummer.

Valentines Day Cont.

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Really late.


Input and look what you get after all that jargon.


Yay. It’s a heart. Whoopdeedoo.

Pick up lines I stole from my school’s newspaper, Science Survey. Enjoy.

  1. You’re sweeter than 3.14159
  2. My love for you is like dividing by zero, you cannot define it.
  3. I’m not being obtuse, but you’re acute girl/guy.
  4. You have nicer legs than an isosceles right triangle.
  5. I don’t know if you’re in my range, but I’d sure like to take you to my domain.
  6. I can figure out the square root of any number in less than 10 seconds, let’s try it with your phone number.

Try them on someone and let me know how that goes.

Thursday, February, 14, 2008

Valentines Day

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Happy Valentines Day!

I’d like to share something really funny that Angela showed me that Susan Tan showed her and her whole English class today. The following are dedications that Lemony Snicket, author of The Series of Unfortunate Events, wrote to his deceased beloved, Beatrice. HILARIOUS! 😀

The Austere Academy
For Beatrice-
You will always be in my heart,
In my mind,
And in your grave.

The Ersatz Elevator
For Beatrice-
When we met my life began,
Soon afterward, yours ended.

The Vile Village
For Beatrice-
When we were together I felt breathless.
Now you are.

The Carnivorous Carnival
For Beatrice-
Our love broke my heart,
and stopped yours.

The Slippery Slope
For Beatrice-
When we first met, I was lonely, and you were pretty.
Now I am pretty lonely.

The End
For Beatrice-
I cherished, you perished,
The world’s been nightmarished.

Finish reading these heart touching dedications. So sad but so funny.

Thanks Zigaboo and Moo.

I am currently repeating Ingrid Michaelson’s cd over and over again.  She is playing tomorrow at Webster Hall and then Irving Plaza, March 24th. Tomorrow’s show is sold out! Also, Tiffany and I bought Leeland’s new cd, Opposite Way, last night for $7 and free shipping! First 500 copies only on musichristian. The sale is until 11:59 tonight but they might be out of stock.

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