Saturday, February, 2, 2008

Sniffing Shirts

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Haha, when I went to visit Tiffany this past weekend, I read in a Times article about different ways we flirt. These gestures are subconsciously performed. The cover for this issue was “The Science of Romance.” Reading this made us giddy at the absurdity. But I guess, it’s been proven true. The main article is “Why We Love” and there are many sub articles after that. Okay, from Why We Flirt, there is a “Field Guide to Flirting” that I’d like to share. Humans exhibit these flirting behaviors whether we know it or not. Check it out, it’s interesting 🙂

1. Open Body Position: This come-and-get-me stance suggests the man is neither about to flee nor flight.

2. Raised Eyebrows: Upon first seeing a potential mate, both men and women often briefly raise their eyebrows. (HAHA)

3. Head Cant: Women frequently tilt their head to one side, exposing their neck, and sometimes flick their hair at the same time.

4. Sustained Eye Contact: Men and women both hold the gaze of someone they’re interested in for longer than feels quite comfortable.

5. Leaning Forward: Both genders tend to lean in toward people they’re attracted to. Sometimes they’ll unconsciously point to them too, even if they’re across the room.

6. Leading questions: A man will often ask a woman questions that allow her to show off her most attractive features.

7. Sideways glances: Often followed by a glance away or down and a shy smile, these coy looks are a classic flirting behavior for both sexes.

So if you are or your friend is doing this, you don’t have to guess, it’s scientifically proven that they like each other. Why do we flirt? Well, according to Arthur Aron, a psychologist at Stony Brook,

“[Flirting] is a way of testing one’s mate-value and the possibility of alternatives”

Tiffany followed up on this nutty stuff by sending me this article from the Today Show called “Love at First Scent.” It’s a riot.

Fascinating research shows that a woman’s sense of smell can lead to her to Mr. Right, at least reproductively speaking. Research has shown that each of us will be attracted to people who possess a particular set of genes, known as the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), which play a critical role in our immune systems. Mates with dissimilar MHC genes produce healthier offspring with broad immune systems.

How do people who differ in their MHC find each other? This isn’t fully understood, but we know that smell is an important cue. People appear to literally sniff out their mates. In studies, women tend to rate the scent of T-shirts worn by men with dissimilar MHCs as most attractive, whereas T-shirts worn by guys with similar MHC profiles tend to be rated as “fatherly” or “brotherly,” but not boyfriend material. This is what sexual “chemistry” is all about. We’re drawn to certain people, without quite knowing why.

Read the end of the article, it’s a checklist to see if your man really is THE ONE. HAHA. Oh yeah, that major histocompatibility complex is true, Time affirms it in one of their articles.


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