Sunday, February, 24, 2008

Fei Fei is dead :(

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One of the few Hong Kong celebrities I know, “Fei Fei”, Hong Kong’s popular TV host/entertainer/movie star has passed away on Tuesday. Yeah, it’s five day old news but I didn’t find out until Friday when Eric broke the sad news.  She was 60 and suffered from liver cancer.

I remember her because my mum use to tell me that her daughter, also named Joyce, has the exact Chinese name as me “Yan yi.” When you say it in Chinese, it actually sounds like Yun Yee. I have no idea why Chinese names never look like the English version, ask Eric or Emily for theirs. Well, not only does her daughter have the almost exact name as I do, but I’ve seen Fei Fei on every game show possible. I always laughed at her commentaries.

My mum likes Fei Fei a lot too because she definitely wasn’t the skinniest female actress, yet she made it big.  Actually, come to think of it…maybe I was named after Fei Fei’s daughter. She’s 21 now. It’s probably one of many secrets my parents keep from me.

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