Sunday, March, 2, 2008

I feel greener already

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I bought a Nalgene Bottle today. It is formally known as the 32 oz. PC-Top Loop Bottle. Whatever, it’s just a bottle to me. What made me purchase it was the guilty feeling of throwing away one Poland Spring Bottle every day. Even though I buy the environmental friendly bottles (30% less plastic), plastic never decomposes.

Plastic never fully decomposes. Over time it goes through a process of photo degradation and breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces


So yeah, I have this Sage Green one and Eric has the cooler Amber Ale. That’s what I get when I let him have the first pick. I wished I had a Grasshopper Green but Eastern Mountain Sport only had these available colors.

By the way, when I left EMS, I wanted to climb mountains. They sell hard core hiking gear and the huge backpacks made me all excited. So now I can fill up my Nalgene with school water whenever I want and never throw out plastic bottles again. The earth will be so much greener.

My dream is to be as green as this guy:

When I go to college, I will always bring my own shopping bags whenever I make trips to the supermarket. Plastic is ugly.

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  1. I used to have that same bottle but i lost it lol

    Comment by Will — Sunday, March, 2, 2008 @ 10:29 pm

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