Monday, April, 28, 2008

Collapse at a Starfield Concert

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The stage collapsed at a Starfield concert last night. The mosh pit just caved in. Man oh man. The concert was at Central Heights Church, Abbotsford, Canada. Abbotsford…haha.

Thanks Charles for the video and info!

By the way, Starfield is coming to Brooklyn, NY to the McCarron Pool! I want to go!

By the way too, Mars, the makers of M&M’s is buying Wm Wrigley Jr’s Gum company for $22 billion! Do you know the economic impacts? (Thank goodness for microeconomics) Oligopolies or other candy companies will now merge because their competitors are merging!


Sunday, April, 27, 2008

Mojave 2.0

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I rode this back home on Friday:

Raleigh’s Mojave 2.0 Light Green. I broke my shopping fast Friday too by going to Tanger Mall.

I am feeling extremely stressed and it stems from my fear of failing. I hate it so much. I wish I was carefree. I need a cup of courage.

Wednesday, April, 23, 2008

Day of Reunions

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I don’t even remember taking this picture. Left to Right: Michelle, me, Jasmine, Debbie, and Ivy. This is an incredibly rare find because I never wore dresses when I was younger-actually, I seldom wear dresses now.

I can not wait for tomorrow because I am having two reunions tomorrow. First with Mindy and I’ve known her since second grade in P.S. 213.  Every year we catch a movie together. I am not sure what movie we are seeing yet, haha. At night, reunion with the Transfiguration kids at Kum Gang. I have not seen most of them for at least a decade :O

Breaking Spring

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Boston with Tiffany, Charles, and Dennis! Dennis was taking the picture because someone didn’t know how to take jumping pictures even though he thought he could. Thanks Tiffany again for allowing me to crash at your place. Hope I didn’t deter you too much from your studies. This was a refreshing trip and I enjoyed the conversations both at night and on the bus, eating, and nertz. We walked and saw so much in one day that my eyes are dizzy. Thanks Dennis for hanging out and spending 10 bucks for my lunch.

BEWARE: DO NOT GO SEE THE BOSTON TEA PARTY SHIP BECAUSE IT’S BURNED/BURNT DOWN. The webiste is lying! They are not renovating, it burned down!! Ask the Boston Police. Also, Paul Revere’s House was not as exciting as it seemed online. Poo.

Happy Patriot’s Day and Happy Earth Day. Props to the Boston Marathon Runners. Completing a marathon is a dream that I wish I could do.

More pictures inside.


A Funny Thing…

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HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM. But this also explains a lot:

Emily will probably kill me, but she can’t because she’s tried to kill me so many times already. Hurrah! to your senior show!

Thursday, April, 17, 2008

Trans Kids-edit- “Transformers Kids”

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WOW. Two nights ago I got in contact with my first friends. First friends meaning back in Catholic Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. Facebook powers. Oh man, it was such a great feeling to see how everyone was doing, what college they are heading to, and everyone looks…great 🙂 I wouldn’t have recognized three quarters of my kindergarten class now; I only remember their names. But a closer examination of their pictures now betrayed slight hints of their past toddler features.

Oh my goodness. We were the graduating class of 1996. Now, we are the graduating class of 2008!! 🙂

Makes me wonder how my friends will be 10 years, 20 years down the road. The talk now is what college we all ended up in but in 10 years it will be career and…families?!

Ironically, I read an article on Newsweek on Divorce. The writer called for a high school reunion for his 1982 graduating class for interviews. So cool to see how and where they are now. 🙂


All of us went to “Transfiguration Catholic School.” The title I used previously “Trans Kids” by no means mean any of this. Hehe, we all “transformed.” BOO.

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