Saturday, May, 31, 2008


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Why is the English language so hard to learn? Simply because “ghoti” = “fish

“Gh” makes the “f” sound like in the word “enough

Then the “o” in “Ghoti” is an “i” in fish. Pronounce “women.”

“Ti” makes the “sh” sound. Just say any word that has “tion” as a suffix like “transition“, “dilation,” etc.

Ms. Williams was teaching us this during micro. We do nothing now and it feels glorious.

Today was Jesus Day at Bronx Science. Great skit, speaker, and praise. It was awesome to see familiar faces.


Monday, May, 26, 2008


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I will post more later on but for now…

This is all we do on retreats!

Credit due Joel for the worm video.


Tuesday, May, 20, 2008


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Tracy McGrady hits CRAZY OFF THE HIZZLE THREES. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS TO BELIEVE IT. Start at 1:20. Oh my goodness, Bruce Bowen was all over him and McGrady bucketed 3 INSANE three pointers. Where does he pull that from?!??! His butt?!! Wow. I am floored. The Rockets just took the game, except that this game was three years ago. If McGrady scored 13 in 33 seconds this playoff season, man…

Charles, you have just opened a whole new world of basketball to me.

On the topic of sports, the Yankees are being spanked. Yes.

More Human Art by the Japanese

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So cool!

Thanks Audrey for getting me hooked on these.

Japanese Plus Ping Pong

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So creative and entertaining. If you have a 2 minutes to kill definitely watch it.

Candace Parker

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I want to ball like she balls.

She scored 34 points in her first game in the WNBA. Wicked.

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