Sunday, June, 22, 2008

Oh Eight, oh eight, oh eight, ohhh eight, ohhhh eight

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This is the Senior Class 08 mural in the courtyard. I don’t necessary agree with what is drawn but I can’t deny that is pure art genius. There are “subtle” interpretations. It is suppose to be a picture of a brain but as you can see there are other implications.

Hmmm. Shrooms anyone?

Boy do those brain bones look awfully like pills? What about that dendrite, a leaf?

Okay, I don’t agree with what is written but it is very smart. The red words are suppose to say “Last Generation.” You can see “generation” in this photo and the “last” is cut off. But at the end of “generation” if you look closely at the outline, it says “fuck Reidy.” Reidy, being our principal.

The mural was up for about a week before the deans had the students cover it up and paint over this banner. Now it is shaded in white but again, there are subtle messages elsewhere. I don’t have pictures, but I may have some soon.

Here is our Senior Countdown:

Again, I do not necessarily agree with the chanting. I am only reporting what I witness in school.


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    you forgot about the joint!

    Comment by shortmelonhead — Sunday, June, 22, 2008 @ 11:17 pm

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