Sunday, July, 20, 2008

World Grief: Somalia and Iran

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I don’t like preaching about the sad news in the world. For me it’s a paradox because on one hand, Americans are not fully aware of what’s happening outside our borders but on the other hand, I feel sick and tired of hearing the same things about poverty, famine, helplessness, corruption, killings, etc.

I read two articles today out of sheer randomness. I don’t know, I felt moved and convicted of my recent apathy towards global injustice. On the front page of today’s NY Times was an article about Somalia. I was first exposed to Somalia after watching Black Hawk Down. The movie showed glimpses of that violence ridden country but the focus was on the heroic efforts demonstrated by the American soldiers. The movie was great by the way. I’m a sucker for inspirng war movies. Anyways, the article was about how rebel armies are hunting down and killing United Nations aid workers. So far 20 aid workers have been killed since January and many more have been abducted. Obviously, aid workers are fleeing refugee camps despite their burdened hearts to serve desperate Somalians.There is a already a shortage of willing workers and always a shortage of food and water.

This picture is from the NY Times:

The second article is on Iran. This one caught my attention because stoning seems like an ancient killing method but apparently not. According to the Koran as well as the Old Testament, convicted adulterers were stoned to death in public. (John 8:7 comes to mind) But at least 8 women and one man were stoned in Iran for prostitution or adultery. Nine humans.

Under the punishment of stoning, a male convict is buried up to his waist with his hands tied behind his back, while a female offender is buried up to her neck with her hands also buried.

Wow, I don’t even want to picture being buried and then bludgeoned with stones.

To elaborate on my recent apathetic attitude towards global crises is that there is no solution to poverty. Poverty is an eternal societal problem. I like to compare it to existentialism. What is the point of living if we are all going to die. What is the point of trying to “make a difference” when what I do will not even make a dent in the world. The heaviness of poverty makes me feel so powerless and helpless. The frustrations indefinitely outweigh the joy. Maybe I am really naive but I am open to new perspectives. I mean there is more to say but I rather dialogue this than write it out.


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  1. hey u listened to me. come talk to me any time u want. but yeah i think u can only do so much so u’ll live to spread the word to many people as u can. that’s all u can do. whatever’s out there is out there; u won’t change that and that’s the fact. but here in our community, u can do things and u can make a difference. i don’t wanna make this long either so i’ll cut it off here loL.

    and btw i’m a sucker for war movies too. black hawk down is my 2nd favorite i think.

    Comment by raydxp — Sunday, July, 20, 2008 @ 11:28 pm

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