Saturday, August, 30, 2008

We Are Famous

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We are in the slideshow under “Academic Forum.” This was during the senior class photo.

We look way too happy. This one is under “Arrival Day.”

I bought $278 worth of books today for one semester. Holy cow. I feel bad for the science majors because one of their textbooks cost $250.


Bend It At Beckham

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Party! WOO…psych! Bend it at Beckham basically meant that girls borrowed guys’ clothes and guys borrowed girls’ clothes. Beckham is the hall that the party was held. So I secretly videotaped what was going on. I left after 10 minutes because this stuff isn’t my cup of tea. Not really much of a video so feel free to not watch it. Personally, I think the laundry videos are much more fascinating.

Common Movement

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More interpretive dancing and fire throwing action.

This was suppose to represent “tornado.” I was in a one that symbolized “land.” I apologize for the dark and poor quality but this took place at night with only spotlights and arena lights to brighten the sky. Wesleyan is crazy about climate change.

The following videos display the wonderful fire throwing action from a club known as Prometheus. Cool stuff!

Real action at 24 and 45 seconds.

Friday, August, 29, 2008

My Trip to the Laundry Room

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In order to go to the laundry room from my dorm, I need to go to another buidling and through tunnels that are filled with graffiti. The explanation for why there are tunnels are in the video.

The actual laundry room:

Wednesday, August, 27, 2008

Wesleyan Square Dancing

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Annual Square Dancing at Andrus Field:

Join we did:

Doe si Doe:

Videos featuring: Linda, Shipra, and Hayley.

I Live in Butt C

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Which stands for Butterfield C. There are three Butterfield houses: A, B, and C. For short, everyone calls them “Butts.” So in the middle of these three houses is a “Butthole.” That is where we congregate if anything happens like a fire alarm going off.

I moved in yesterday and I took this video after I loaded everything into my room. So far it’s been good and quiet which I like. But I am the furthest away from campus so I can’t wait for my mum to bring up my bike today.

Orientation is SO LONG and exhausting. There are so many workshops and overlapping meetings. I don’t even know what to do. There is a workshop called “How to be a Star Student” today. Everyone makes fun of the title which reminds me.  One thing I do like about Wesleyan is that everyone is sarcastic including the deans and the president. They make fun of everything serious, which makes the serious things less serious but they are serious about the serious things.

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