Friday, August, 22, 2008

Underage Chinese Champions

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(How Hwee Young/EPA)

He Kexin (above) has been suspected of competing under the 16-year old age limit in the Olympic gymnastic events. If these speculations prove true, China would suffer a devastating blow to its pride and reputation. IOC claims that her date of birth is January 1, 1992, making her 16, however, new evidence has been revealed, such as her birth certificate, which says otherwise. I think she was born in 1994. Kexin isn’t the only gymnast being investigated; the whole Chinese team is under scrutiny.

The reprecussions would be immediate disqualification and the surrender of their gold medals. All competitors in the affected events would move up including Nastia Liukin in the uneven bars. This is incredibly embarassing for China. They are willing to lie and cheat in front of the world in order to win the most medals.


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  1. it’s such a china thing to do – changing birth dates…so ugh! i don’t think they were fit to host the olympics so soon

    Comment by kungfucianism — Saturday, August, 23, 2008 @ 12:31 pm

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