Thursday, October, 30, 2008


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My roommate Lana has the best name ever! She doesn’t have a last name or rather, she only has one name. So on her visa under “Given name,” it says “FNU,” which stands for “First Name Unknown!” How incredible is that? Actually, (I hope I remember correctly what Lana said) Lana said that in Indonesia, where she is from, last names are not important. In fact, many Indonesians don’t have last names. Amazing. I have learned a lot from her.



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Fail. My room has no heat. I filed a working order.

“Okay so apparently the heaters have been turned on for about a ┬ámonth
except some of us dont get heat because water is somehow trapped in our
radiators. If you are not getting heat thats probably why…send in a work
order to physical plant at Work_Order@wesleyan with our building and room
number ..they should get to it in a day or two.”

-my RA

Wednesday, October, 29, 2008

Empire: Beast All Bikers

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This is beyond sick, especially the guy riding with one hand on his back wheel. Loved the shots of Canal, Delancey, Williamsburg, and East Houstan.

Via Doobybrain.

Happy Birthday Mommy Dear!

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I wish you weren’t sad today. Love you lots.

Tuesday, October, 28, 2008

Rant Rant Grant Elephant

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This is why:

Thanks Charles for expressing what I feel.

I have a midterm tomorrow. I think cancer is stupid. I miss New York City a bit. I want to be a wedding planner. I love Friends, friends. Time is stupid. Writing is stupid. School is absurd. I wish it was summer again, Central Park and Meet Me At the Promenade. I get it now. Do you remember the poster? I like not making sense. It makes life so much easier. I will probably feel stupid reading this post a year from now.

Ron and Hermoine Kiss?! Run with Radcliffe!

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Thanks Linda!

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