Wednesday, October, 1, 2008

Shootings at Wesleyan

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What is going on? There have been two shooting incidents at Wesleyan in less than 30 days.

We received this today:

Security Alert

Middletown Police has notified Public Safety that a shooting occurred off campus on William St between Broad and Main streets at approximately 5:25pm today 10/1/08. 5 – 7 individuals fled the area and several possible subjects have been stopped. There are no Wesleyan community members believed to have been involved in this and Public Safety has deployed several officers in the area while Middletown Police continue their search for suspects.

As more information is obtained the community will be notified

About three weeks ago, there was a shooting on Wesleyan turf.


Public Safety would like to update the community on the security alert that was issued on 9/7/08 regarding a disturbance which included a report of a gun shot. The investigation into this incident determined that approximately 10-12 non-university college age males had attempted to enter a small gathering.  When they were denied entrance a disturbance occurred in an apparent gunshot was reported. Witnesses to this incident have been unable to provide any further information and no further information was obtained from the all campus email.

While the details in this incident are still unclear, students are reminded to be cautious about letting anyone unknown to them into their residence. While Wesleyan is an open campus, all of us can be attentive to who and what is happening around us.  Public Safety has additional officers on patrol this fall semester and if any situation on or around campus causes you to be concerned or suspicious, please contact Public Safety (860-685-2345) for assistance.

Ironically, Wesleyan is trying out a new alert system via text messages. Today they accidentally sent out a test text message alert. Maybe it shouldn’t have been an accident.



  1. i dont want to go to your school anymore

    Comment by shortmelonhead — Wednesday, October, 1, 2008 @ 9:57 pm

  2. Re:shortmelonhead
    i didn’t get shot

    Comment by mete23 — Thursday, October, 2, 2008 @ 7:31 am

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