Friday, November, 28, 2008

It’s Black Friday and I’m Not Shopping

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Because I found these awesome hideous and tacky sweaters, scarfs, and vests in my basement. They mean a lot to my mom because she made some of them and the ones that she didn’t make, my aunt gave them to her. I can’t wait to wear them.

Actually, I lied. I might go shopping today but not for clothes. I hate the ugly mess people make throwing and trampling on the clothes that are strewn on the floors.


Family Time!

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I love my family!


Thanks Lisa and David for preparing, cooking, and having us over! And of course, baby Ben for being super adorable!


Delicious homemade pumpkin pie! Made with a real and fresh pumpkin! There was also a pecan pie! AH!


Are these suppose to look like turkeys?

This One’s For Emily

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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

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I saw Hello Kitty!!!! I was so happy because I thought Macy’s put Hello Kitty away after last year’s run.


And Buzz Lightyear! Hello Kitty and Buzz Lightyear were my favorite balloons. Eric liked the mother of all Smurfs. Charles went to buy hot chocolate for me when Buzz Lightyear flew down Broadway. (I’m sorry 😦 , but much thanks)

It was flippin cold. SO COLD. I stupidly left my hat in my dorm so I was wind whipped and suffered a minor headache. We were on 57th and Broadway and it wasn’t that crowded. We just had to push past the thick and impenetrable crowds on the corners and then the crowds thinned on the sidewalks. That’s the secret. Next year, we are bringing blankets, hats, heaters, boiling water, and the sun.

Sorry Kin Yan, my fingers were too numb to reach into my bag for my phone to call you back. We were literally on the same block.

Linda, we saw Miley Cyrus and didn’t see Jonas Brothers. Sorry, my body didn’t let me stay, otherwise I would have screamed “I LOVE KEVIN!” for you.

Congee Village

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Kill me. Sorry, my camera lens was blurry, otherwise this would have been an even better video. 🙂



Welcome Back to Bronx Science

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The “A Meal Option”: Egg Custard Tarts, hot Ovaltine, and Macaroni with Ham. Egg Custard King’s food quality has deteriorated. It is not good at all! Don’t go there!

Alisa and Angela!

The famous college board. I can specifically remember when I was a freshmen and I first looked at this board, I wondered what school my picture was going to be under. Now I know!

Homecoming was not as overwhelming as I thought it would be. It was great seeing and chatting with my teachers. Angela and I both agreed that nothing drastically changed. The school didn’t seem smaller, though the freshmen were tiny. I don’t know if there are five year reunions but that might have been the last time I would see some friends. Oh, the high school years.


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