Friday, December, 26, 2008

Ted Mosby Wearing a Wesleyan Shirt

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Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radnor, is an architect who graduated from Wesleyan. Marshall, Ted’s best friend who is sitting on the left, also graduated from Wesleyan and is in law school.

Who cares? Haha, I don’t know…whatever.


Thursday, December, 25, 2008


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Its freakin December 25th!


Asia America, Where Have You Gone?

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Go Asian Americans! This was a spoken word by Alvin Lau at the National Poetry Slam 2006. He’s going to Williams College in March. He should totally come to Wes. Check out his other stuff on youtube.

Thanks Norman!

Bicycle Parking

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There’s bicycle parking!! Not saying that there weren’t any bicycle posts before but now it looks like a bus stop. There’s a NYC bicycle map too. Good job Bloomberg for encouraging people to bike more.

Abigail Breslin at Chipotles

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Charles and I were munching on burritos at Chipotles two days ago and in walked an Abigail Breslin look alike. Another girl sitting in the adjacent table started talking rapidly “Oh my god that’s the girl from Little Miss Sunshine, oh my god, oh my god.” Her friend dared her to get look alike Breslin’s autograph. Meanwhile Charles and I shrugged off the assumption because seriously what are the chances that Abigail Breslin would be at the Union Square Chipotles?

So look alike Breslin and an older man appeared near the eating tables. All the tables were filled except ours because we were sitting at a four person table. I moved my bag and signaled to them that these two seats at our table were vacant. They sat down and we started laughing because…it really was Abigail Breslin! Charles heard the older man call her “Abbey.” We didn’t ask or take pictures with her because we felt that it would have been super obnoxious but instead checked out her clothing and her gangster cell phone.

Later that night, we looked up Abigail Breslin and assumed that the older man was either a family member or her manager. Low and behold, Abigail has an older brother, Ryan, who is 11 years her senior and the google images confirmed that Ryan Breslin was sitting next to me and Abigail Breslin was eating a taco next to Charles.

Tuesday, December, 23, 2008


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What is wrong with these pictures? Why do Chinese people purposely spell things wrong?

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