Thursday, December, 4, 2008

What Graduates of 2008 Will Earn

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Sorry, I was intrigued with the salary article and I stumbled upon another article from CNN that dealt with earnings of the class of 2008.

It seems like chemical engineering was one of the most profitable major with graduating students immediately earning on average $63,749. Economics major usually had start up salaries of $52,926. Nursing majors (!) will make on average $52,129. Students who hold liberal arts degrees on average will make $33,258 and this was up 4% since last year.

You can look up the salaries of particular jobs in a specific state here.



  1. woot woot nursing!!! and thats the salary before grad school. add a couple lets say maybe 20 THOUSAND! 😀

    Comment by zigaboo — Thursday, December, 4, 2008 @ 1:36 pm

  2. […] I’ve posted this before about 2008 graduate majors and salaries. To sum up, those who study engineer, economics, mathematics and sciences usually earn the most. […]

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