Sunday, January, 25, 2009

Diagonal Crosswalks

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Middletown needs, absolutely needs diagonal crosswalks. In order for pedestrians to safely get from one side of the sidwalk to the other side, they need to press a button. The button then triggers all the traffic lights to turn red and stops cars in all directions, allowing pedestrians from the four corners of the intersection to cross. I have started to cross diagonally because it is the quickest way to get across to the other side. (Pythagorean Theorem) But this is so different from New York City, where pedestrians and cars simultaneously move and stop in the same directions.

The above picture is of experimental crosswalks in Los Angeles. They are placing ten “all way” crosswalks to make crossing streets safer for cars and people. If this proves to be successful, (I don’t see why not) then other major cities will follow suit. Hurry up and come to Middletown!




    Comment by doobybrain — Sunday, January, 25, 2009 @ 11:16 pm

  2. […] Joyce wrote this entry on diagonal crosswalks (also known as pedestrian scrambles or Barnes dances) and I couldn’t help but notice right away that the picture she used featured a store called Yung Kee! This particular Yung Kee store (no affiliation to our Yung Kee here in New York City) is located in Los Angeles. I can’t read the sign, but I’m curious to know what they sell (because a search for Yung Kee in Los Angeles brings up a bunch of restaurants). […]

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  3. Actually, it’s a photo of the intersection of Webster at 9th in Chinatown in Oakland, CA. Not LA!

    Comment by uzbekcelia — Saturday, February, 27, 2010 @ 10:47 pm

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