Monday, February, 9, 2009

Cappelli Erectors

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failUltimate Fail. There is a story behind this. I was at Queens Crossing trying to go see  a new ophthalmologist. Basically I was running back and forth across the street because my mom told me that his office was above Citibank and in Queens Crossing. Well, they are entirely two separate buildings. This is a lame story. The gist is that Queens Crossing has two entrances. One leads to unfinished office space and the other entrance on Main Street leads to tons of medical officies.

Another fail. Queens Crossing epitomizes the ambition of Chinese people but it is really a fail project because the stores inside are ridiculously expensive. The reality of the situation is that the residents of Flushing and anyone in the surrounding area are not millionaires. People go in there to look but they don’t leave with shopping bags so I don’t know how they are surviving. My mom says that people from Long Island come out to shop but still, I have never seen people buy things in there. I mean the medical offices are doing well but that’s only one portion of the building and with the poor economy, this building is bound for disaster. The big screen is obnoxious and it reminds me of a fake Times Square/Tokyo.

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