Monday, February, 23, 2009


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I watched an unforgettable documentary last night.

Promises is about seven children, ages 9-12, living in Jerusalem or the West Bank. The director, B.Z. Goldberg, followed their lives for four years and asked them how they felt about the Middle East conflict. It is a bit frightening to see how ingrained religion is for them because it comes to a point where both sides hate each other and the children want to see the demise of the other nation.  The children’s behavior and understanding of the situation are representative of adults and world leaders who are currently involved in the turmoil. Each child represented a social class or a certain religious group so there were perspectives from all sides. Even within countries, there were varying solutions to peace or war.

The climax of the movie was when the director asked the children if they’d like to meet each other. I won’t reveal what happens but it was very touching on so many levels. (Not saying that everyone become happy sappy friends-that didn’t happen) I really want to know how these children are doing now. They are actually older than I am by a two years or so.

But, Israel needs to get rid of those checkpoints bordering Jerusalem and the West Bank. Maybe moving the Israelis living in the West Bank settlements back into Israel might be a good start towards peace. Violence begets violence and it is an endless, escalating cycle.


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