Thursday, April, 30, 2009

The Best City To Live In Is…

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Vienna, Austria!!

Zurich, Switzerland; Geneva, Switzerland; Vancover, Canada; and Auckland, New Zealand round out the top 5. This was done using Mercer’s Quality of Living definition. It’s quite a comprehensive definition. You can check out all the other cities here. I hope I get to study abroad in Auckland my junior year. The best city in the U.S. of A. is Honolulu, Hawaii.


How to Get Out of Quicksand

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I have always wanted to know and now I know. It’s a serious question because quicksand can happen anywhere where sand is saturated by water.  🙂


Wear a tube around your waist at all times and always be around friends.

There really is no way out of quicksand except that the bottom of quicksand usually will not reach past your waist. Most people think that you’ll sink in above your head but that’s not the case. Also, don’t struggle or flail around because it will make the sand and water mixture more liquidly, thus more likely to sink. Another reason is that it will create an air vacuum or something. Anyway, the many times in your life that you do end up fighting with quicksand, just stand up.

Wednesday, April, 29, 2009

Wesleyan Really Likes to Show Its Diversity

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Wow Wesleyan really likes Linda and me. Totally repping the Asians! This is like the second or third time  our pictures have been featured on some Wesleyan blog or Wesleyan promotional thing. Apparently, this famous picture was on the Wesleyan acceptence booklets for next year’s incoming freshmen.

Sunday, April, 26, 2009

Buy a Vicious Circles Disc

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ONLY $10!!! IT LOOKS FREAKIN FLY AND HOT!!! We need money to go to regionals next weekend!!

Thursday, April, 23, 2009

Nursery University

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Seriously, what the freak? Watching Nursery University would make me want to break my TV or laptop screen. I would love to watch this though because there has been a good buzz going around but still, applying and being rejected from nursery school?

By the way, is the Tribeca Film Festival super early this year? It’s running from April 22 to May 3. Man, I wanted to watch stuff.

The Unlikely Disciple

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Kevin Roose was a sophomore when he decided to transfer from Brown University to Liberty University, the world’s largest Christian evangelical university. He went to Liberty with assumptions but found out that Christians were normal so he wrote a book about his experience there. The book is titled The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner’s Semester at America’s Holiest College.

He explains everything in the video so I’ll just let you watch and judge it for yourself.

I think it’s looney that he actually enrolled himself into Liberty University. That definitely took some major courage. (No rated R movies?!)  I am not sales pitching this book.  I just think it’s good that he had some of his questions answered and some assumptions cleared up. That’s not to say that fanatical Christians do not exist (unfortunately) but at least he tried to show that Christians were not as polarized in political beliefs as popular media portrayed them to be.

Whatever, people need to differentiate between who God really is and people’s interpretations of who God should be.

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