Monday, April, 13, 2009

N.Y. Times College Scholarship Program

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New York Times has a yearly college scholarship award and this year one the winners has grabbed my attention. Wei Huang (on the bottom row, second from right) is 20 years old and attends Manhattan’s Comprehensive Day and Night School. She and her parents immigrated to the U.S. in 2007 but because her parents found it difficult to adjust to life in America, they returned back to the motherland. Huang lived in an apartment that cost $550 a month. She worked part-time at a florist for $560. If you do the math, she lived on $10 a month!

$10 a month!!!! I use $10 for one meal! She says that she spends her $10 on bags of rice, cheap chicken, and vegetables for dinners. The public school system provides breakfast and lunch. What about weekends?! I have no idea how she survived.

The scholarship consists of $30,000 for college, a free laptop, and a summer internship at the N.Y. Times.


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